Accident Tolerant Fuel Roadmap to Readiness

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Accident Tolerant Fuel, Increased Enrichment, and Higher Burnup "Roadmap to Readiness"

In June 2023, version 1.0 of the “Roadmap to Readiness” was finalized and issued. In January 2024, version 1.1 was issued, incorporating internal and external stakeholder feedback. The graphic complements the ATF project Plan, encompassing the priorities identified in Regulatory Framework Applicability Assessment and Licensing Pathway Diagrams for the Licensing of ATF-Concept, higher Burnup, and Increased Enrichment Fuels. By  providing:

  1. a graphical representation of the project timeline;
  2. project efficiency and reliability;
  3. regulatory certainty of licensing near-term ATF, increased enrichment, and higher burnup technologies;

a visual of critical milestones anticipated to maintain a mid-to-late 2020s batch loading deployment timeline for the entire suite of near-term ATF, increased enrichment, and higher burnup.

Infographic for Accident Tolerant Fuels Roadmap to Readiness The information presented does not supersede any regulations of guidance and the information should not be interpreted as new regulatory requirements or guidance.


The roadmap is oriented left-to-right and top-to-bottom, starting with the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act in 2019 and ending with the batch loading of near-term ATF technologies. Items are generally displayed in chronological order by start date; however, it’s important to note that activities in this graphic can happen in parallel and previous activities are always required for the subsequent activity to be completed. Completion dates are provided for completed activities and estimates for those in-progress or future items. The color coding is only to differentiate the different technologies. Lastly, the graphic includes hyperlinks to the associated website or publicly available document.

Stakeholder Engagement:

External stakeholders provided feedback, prior to approval, during the public meeting on May 10, 2023. Future updates will be on an ongoing basis and evaluated biannually, through continued stakeholder engagements. Recommendations can be made through the sites Contact Us Form , or by emailing