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Radioactive Effluent and Environmental Reports

Each commercial nuclear power plant is required to submit two annual reports, which detail (1) the radioactive effluents discharged from the site, and (2) the effects (if any) on the environment. In addition to these two annual reports, in 2007 each power plant voluntarily submitted answers to a questionnaire related to the voluntary initiative on groundwater protection, initiated by the commercial nuclear power industry.

To see these reports and questionnaires for a particular nuclear power plant, select the plant name from the following table.

Alphabetical List of Operating Nuclear Power Reactors
A - G H - P Q - W
Arkansas Nuclear One 1 & 2
Beaver Valley 1 & 2
Braidwood 1 & 2
Browns Ferry 1, 2, & 3
Brunswick 1 & 2
Byron Station 1 & 2
Calvert Cliffs 1 & 2
Catawba 1 & 2
Columbia Generating Station
Comanche Peak 1 & 2
Crystal River 3*
DC Cook 1 & 2
Diablo Canyon 1 & 2
Dresden 2 & 3
Duane Arnold
Edwin I. Hatch 1 & 2
Fermi 2
Fort Calhoun
Grand Gulf 1
H.B. Robinson 2
Haddam Neck*
Hope Creek 1
Indian Point 2 & 3
James A. FitzPatrick
Joseph M. Farley 1 & 2
LaSalle County 1 & 2
Limerick 1 & 2
McGuire 1 & 2
Millstone 2 & 3
Nine Mile Point 1 & 2
North Anna 1 & 2
Oconee 1, 2, & 3
Oyster Creek
Palo Verde 1, 2, & 3
Peach Bottom 2 & 3
Perry 1
Pilgrim 1
Point Beach 1 & 2
Prairie Island 1 & 2
Quad Cities 1 & 2
River Bend 1
Salem 1 & 2
San Onofre 2 & 3*
Seabrook 1
Sequoyah 1 & 2
Shearon Harris 1
South Texas Project 1 & 2
St. Lucie 1 & 2
Surry 1 & 2
Susquehanna 1 & 2
Three Mile Island 1
Turkey Point 3 & 4
Vermont Yankee*
Vogtle 1 & 2
Waterford 3
Watts Bar 1
Wolf Creek 1
Yankee Atomic Electric Company*
Zion Nuclear Plant*
* These licensees have permanently ceased power operations.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) directed the NRC staff to summarize the radioactive effluent data from all the reactor sites listed above. Details of the Commission's instructions to the NRC staff are contained in a Staff Requirements Memorandum SRM-SECY-06-0212, "Preparation of Annual Reports on Radioactive Materials Released in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents an in Solid Wastes Shipped for Disposal by Commercial Nuclear Power Plants."

In accordance with the direction from the Commission, NRC's annual summary radioactive effluent reports are being written for each calendar year. The staff began with the data from calendar year 2007. The currently available NRC summary reports can be found at the links below.

Radioactive Effluent Summary Report by Calendar Year:  | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 |

Because the reports are being generated in chronological sequence beginning with calendar year 2007, it will take some period of time for the NRC's summary reports to catch up to the most currently available effluent data. It should be noted that the NRC received the last of the 2012 radioactive effluent data in July 2013. As a result, the 2010, 2011, and 2012 summary reports are each expected to be generated sequentially, at approximately 7-month intervals. The 7-month interval should be sufficient to enter the effluent data into a database, generate the report, review, approve, and publish the information as an NRC NUREG. NRC's 2010 annual summary radioactive effluent report is expected to be available on or about March 2014. The backlog of reports is expected to be eliminated in less than 2 years. At that time, the annual reports should be publicly available in the same year the information is available to the NRC.

These NRC summary effluent reports are generated on an annual basis and contain many graphs and tables which allow the reader to quickly characterize the radioactive effluents from any commercial nuclear power plant in the United States. Additionally, these graphs allow the reader to compare the effluents discharged by different power plants. Beginning with the 2009 report the reports contain several trend graphs that provide the reader with a basic understanding of industry performance over the last 34 years. Additionally, even though the effluents from individual power plants varies from year to year, the data indicates effluents from the industry as a whole are following a predictable trend. As a result, even though the NRC summary report for 2012 is not yet available, anyone reading the 2009 report will be able to draw some conclusions about historical performance, current performance, and future performance with respect to radioactive effluents.

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