Emergency Preparedness

Enhanced Disaster Response Capabilities

Emergency Preparedness icon, consisting of a solid round, red cirle, with a white outline of a bell with curved lines to either side to signify the ringing sound waves from the bellThe accident at Fukushima highlighted the complexity of emergency response when multiple reactors on the same site are affected at the same time and electrical power is unavailable. In response, the NRC asked U.S. nuclear power plant operators to assess how many emergency staff they will need to respond to a large accident that may affect multiple reactors at their site and make changes to their emergency plans as necessary. The NRC also asked the plant operators to ensure that they can power the communications equipment staff will need to effectively respond to such an accident. This included power for response team radios, cellular telephones, and satellite telephones. Licensees purchased additional equipment and modified their emergency response procedures, based on the insights from these evaluations. NRC inspectors reviewed these enhancements.

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