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Baseline Inspection (MRBI) Report Listing

The reports of the Maintenance Rule Baseline Inspections of 1996 - 1998 are included for reference.

Inspection Procedures

The following inspection procedures are related to the Maintenance Rule:

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Document Number Title
IP 62706 "Maintenance Rule," is the inspection procedure that was used to assess licensee compliance with the Maintenance Rule during the baseline inspection program, 7/96 through 7/98. Revised 12/97
IP 62709 "Configuration Risk Assessment and Risk Management Process," is the inspection procedure to be implemented for cause when a licensee risk assessment program appears to have major flaws.
IP 71111.12 "Maintenance Rule Implementation," is a baseline inspection procedure under the Reactor Oversight Program. The objective of this risk-informed, performance-based inspection is to assess the effectiveness of the licensee's maintenance efforts that apply to scoped SSCs.
IP 71111.13 "Maintenance Risk Assessments and Emergent Work Control," is a baseline inspection procedure to verify the adequacy of assessments and management of plant risk related to planned or emergent maintenance activities during all modes of plant operation.

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Inspection Manual Technical Guidance (Part 9900)

Certain portions of part 9900 have applicability to the Maintenance Rule:

  • LCOPM - Voluntary Entry into Limiting Conditions for Operation Action Statements to Perform Preventive Maintenance

  • PRECOND - Preconditioning of Structures, Systems, and Components before Determining Operability

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NRC Technical Reports (NUREGS)

The following NUREG provides information applicable to the Maintenance Rule:

Document Number Title
NUREG-1526 Lessons Learned from Early Implementation of The Maintenance Rule at Nine Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG-1648 Lessons Learned from Maintenance Rule Baseline Inspections

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SECY Papers (SECYs)

The following staff papers to the Commission are related to the Maintenance Rule:

Document Number Title
SECY-99-133 dated May 17, 1999, obtained the Commission's approval to publish a final rule that amended 10 CFR 50.65 to require that, before performing maintenance, licensees assess and manage the increase in risk that may result from the maintenance activities. The rule permits licensees to use a risk-informed scope for the assessments.

dated, July 2, 1998, was a proposed revision to 10 CFR 50.65(a)(3) to require licensees to perform safety assessments, with four attachments.

SECY-97-172 dated August 1, 1997, provided the Commission a response to the staff requirements memorandum regarding the maintenance rule, plans to monitor the quality of licensee safety assessment, plants to ensure inspection guidance is consistent, and how the staff intends to assess the efficacy of the rule.
SECY-97-173 dated August 1, 1997, from the Executive Director for Operations provided the Commission with the staff's recommendation to revise 10 CFR 50.65 (a) (3) to require licenses's to perform safety assessments.
SECY-97-055 dated March 4, 1997, provided the Commission the status of staff activities related to the maintenance rule, a discussion of the changes incorporated in RG 1.160, Revision 2, results and lessons-learned from the initial baseline inspections, and insights Into risk-informed, performance-based regulation.
SECY-96-191 dated September 3, 1996, updated the Commission on the status of staff activities related to the maintenance rule.
SECY-95-265 dated November 17, 1995, describes the generic applicability of the maintenance rule risk-ranking process.
SECY-95-179 dated July 17, 1995, provided the status of the maintenance rule and the results of the pilot program.

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Significance Determination Process (SDP)

Significance Determination Process (SDP) for 10 CFR 50.65(a)(4) -- This SDP was developed specifically for determining the risk significance of findings associated with assessing and managing the risk of maintenance activities.

See IMC 0609, Appendix K, "Maintenance Risk Assessment and Risk Management Significance Determination Process."

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Staff Requirements Memoranda (SRMs)

The following SRMs apply to Maintenance Rule activities:

Document Number Title
SRM SECY-00-074 dated April 17, 2000, approved issuance of RG 1.182, "Assessing and Managing Risk Before Maintenance Activities at Nuclear Power Plants," as described in SECY-00-0074. The Commission also approved extending the implementation period for the revised 10 CFR 50.65 to 180 days after issuance of the final regulatory guide.
SRM SECY-99-133 dated June 22, 1999, approved the final revision to 10CFR 50.65 requiring licensees to perform assessments and manage the increase in risk before performing maintenance.

Statements of Considerations (SOCs)

The following are statements of considerations that apply to Maintenance Rule rulemakings:

The SOC/Federal Register notice providing confirmation of the effective date and availability of guidance for the final rule requiring licensees to assess and manage the risk from maintenance activities

The SOC for the final rule requiring licensees to assess and manage the risk from maintenance activities.

See the SOC and relevant information for the original rule (1991).

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