Operating Reactors

What We Regulate

NRC regulates the operation of 94 commercial nuclear power reactors that generate electricity. For more information about power reactors, see the location map, list of power reactors, and NRC Project Managers.

It also regulates about 30 research and test reactors located primarily at universities where they are used for research, testing, and training. For more information about research and test reactors, see the location map, and NRC Project Managers.

NRC also regulates the design, siting, construction, and operation of new commercial nuclear power facilities.  For more information about new reactors, see the New Reactors website

How We Regulate

NRC regulates reactor operations through a combination of regulatory requirements; licensing; safety oversight, including inspection, assessment of performance and enforcement; operational experience evaluation; and regulatory support activities. For details of the first four components, see:

See our How We Regulate page for more information.