Pre-Application Activities for the Carbon Free Power Project

NuScale Power, LLC (NuScale) submitted the letter of intent on January 28, 2022, providing the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP) combined license (COL) application response to NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2020-02 and Regulatory Engagement Plan  (ML22028A277).   CFPP plans to submit a COL application, referencing the NuScale Standard Design Approval (SDA) for a 77 MWe module plant design (NuScale US460).

The CFPP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) that was established to develop, own and operate the project.

For details on preapplication activities, see the following topics on this page:

Topic Pre-Application Engagement Information
Regulatory Engagement Plan May 19, 2022 Public Meeting
Cybersecurity June 9, 2022 Public Meeting
Volcanic Hazards Assessment August 30, 2022 Public Meeting

Additional information can be obtained from ADAMS by searching on docket number 99902052.

Safety Project Manager Omid Tabatabai
Environmental Project Manager Daniel Mussatti
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