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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a policy of encouraging early discussions (prior to submission of a license application) with potential applicants (such as utilities and reactor designers) to offer licensing guidance and to identify and resolve potential licensing issues early in the licensing process. Consistent with that policy, SMR, LLC, a Holtec International Company, has begun pre-licensing interactions with the NRC.

SMR (Holtec) initially engaged the NRC on its SMR-160 design until late 2023 when its new design, SMR-300, was announced. SMR (Holtec) has suspended pre-application activities on the SMR-160 design and is engaged in pre-application activities on the SMR-300 design.

For additional details on the pre-application activities associated with each design, see the following related pages:


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Environmental Project Manager Mary Richmond
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