NRC Staff Assessment of NGNP White Papers and Key Licensing Issues

The documents listed below document the NRC staff's assessment of the NGNP white papers and related key licensing issues.

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Date Description
07/17/14 NRC Letter to DOE on Assessment of NGNP Key Licensing Issues
06/20/13 NRC Staff Response to ACRS Letter on NGNP Key Licensing Issues
05/15/13 ACRS Letter to NRC Staff on NGNP Key Licensing Issues
05/09/13 ACRS Full Committee Meeting on NGNP, Transcripts
04/09/13 ACRS Subcommittee Meeting on NGNP, Transcripts
03/11/13 NGNP Draft Updated FQ-MST Assessment Report (Rev. 1)
03/08/13 NGNP Draft Updated DID-LBE-SSC Assessment Report (Rev. 1)
03/08/13 NGNP Draft Summary Feedback on Four Key Licensing Issues
03/07/13 Next Generation Nuclear Plant - Preapplication Assessment of Key Licensing Issues
05/09/12 High Temperature Materials Assessment Report
02/15/12 Assessment of White Papers on Fuel Qualification, Mechanistic Source Terms, Defense-In-Depth Approach, Licensing Basis Event Selection, and Safety Classification of Systems, Structures, and Components
02/15/12 NRC Letter to DOE on Key Issues for NGNP Licensing