Artist rendering of Natrium reactor design showing the following components, Reactor Aux. Building, IAC - Intermediate Air Cooling, RVACS - Reactor Vessel Auxiliary Ducts, Reactor Building, Refueling access Area, Fuel Handling Building, Used Fuel, Water Pool, Head Access Area, Reactor and Core, Hot Pip, Cold Pip, RVACS Basement Area. Also displaying Hitachi and Terra Power Logos

Project Overview

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently engaged in pre-application activities interactions for the Natrium reactor.  The Natrium designs combines features from the previous GEH PRISM and TerraPower Traveling Wave designs.  The proposed Natrium reactor is a 345 MWe pool type sodium fast reactor using HALEU metal fuel.

For more information, please see the Natrium pre-application documents (NRC Docket 99902087).

Pre-Application Activities 

Product Type Reference Status
Quality Assurance Topical Report (QATR) Technical Report ML21005A015 Under Review
Advanced SFR Fuel Assembly Qualification Plan White Paper ML20316A038 Feedback Provided
Advanced Fuel Qualification Methodology Report-Regulatory Guidance Development Report White Paper ML20209A155 Feedback Provided
TerraPower-Type 1 Fuel Pin Qualification Plan- Whitepaper-Under Review- ML21057A008 White Paper ML21057A008 Under Review

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