Stakeholder Position Papers

As a part of the NRC's open process to resolve key safety and licensing issues, stakeholders are encouraged to communicate opinions to the staff on technical or policy issues. The NRC has received the following written stakeholder position papers.

Date Topic Author Affiliation
12/18/20 NEI Input on Regulatory Priorities for New and Advanced Reactors NEI
11/23/20 NEI Input on NRC Annual Fee Assessment for Non-Light Water Reactors NEI
03/30/20 Advanced Reactor Codes and Standards Needs Assessment NEI
03/05/20 NEI Recommendations for Streamlining Environmental Reviews for Advanced Reactors NEI
11/25/19 Technology Inclusive Content of Application Project for Non-Light Water Reactors Definition of Fundamental Safety Functions for Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors – Draft Report Revision B Southern/DOE
11/13/19 Micro-Reactor Regulatory Issues NEI
09/18/19 Establishing Interface Requirements for "Major Portions" Standard Design Approval Nuclear Innovation Alliance
08/26/19 NEI-18-04 "Risk-Informed Performance-Based Technology Guidance for Non-Light Water Reactors," Rev. 1 NEI
05/31/19 Topical Report EPRI-AR-1(NP), "Uranium Oxycarbide (UCO) Tristructural Isotropic (TRISO) Coated Particle Fuel Performance" EPRI
05/31/19 ANL/NE-16/17, Rev. 1 "Quality Assurance Program Plan for SFR Metallic Fuel Data Qualification" Argonne National Laboratory
02/19/19 Advanced Nuclear Environmental Permitting Reform Clearpath
09/28/18 NEI-18-04 Risk-Informed Performance-Based Guidance for Non-Light Water Reactor Licensing Basis Development, Rev. 0 NEI
June 2018 Nuclear Metal Fuel: Characteristics, Design, Manufacturing, Testing, and Operating History Fast Reactor Working Group
05/11/18 Proposed Guidance for Preparing and Reviewing Molten Salt Nonpower Reactor License Applications Oak Ridge National Laboratory
01/24/18 Addressing the Challenges with Establishing the Infrastructure for the front-end of the Fuel Cycle for Advanced Reactors NEI
12/12/17 Modernization of Technical Requirements for Licensing of Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors: Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Evaluation of Defense-in-Depth Adequacy Southern/DOE
10/11/17 Modernization of Technical Requirements for Licensing of Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors: Safety Classification and Performance Criteria for Structures, Systems, and Components Southern/DOE
06/02/17 Modernization of Technical Requirements for Licensing of Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors - Probabilistic Risk Assessment Approach Southern/DOE
04/24/17 Clarifying "Major Portions" of a Reactor Design in Support of a Standard Design Approval NEI/NIA
04/13/17 Modernization of Technical Requirements for Licensing of Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors - Selection of Licensing Basis Events, Draft Report Revision 0 Southern/DOE
12/14/16 Proposed Physical Security Requirements for Advanced Reactor Technologi0es Also see additional information provided by NEI on 09/08/17 NEI
04/11/16 White Paper on Strategies for Advanced Reactor Licensing NIA
03/23/16 Proposed Approach to Offsite Power Requirements for Small Modular Reactors and Other New Technologies NEI
06/11/14 NRC Questions on NEI White Paper Describing Proposed Methodology and Criteria Regarding Small Modular Reactor Emergency Planning Zone NRC
03/14/14 White Paper on Proposed Improvements to Tier 1 and the Inspections, Tests, Analyses and Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC) for Small Modular Reactors NEI
12/23/13 White Paper on Proposed Methodology and Criteria for Establishing the Technical Basis for Small Modular Reactor Emergency Planning Zone NEI
12/20/13 Request for NRC Acceptance of an Alternative Process for Small Modular Reactor Design Certification Application Submittals NEI
12/27/12 Small Modular Reactor Source Terms NEI
09/04/12 Development of an Emergency Planning and Preparedness Framework for Small Modular Reactors NEI
07/31/12 Physical Security for Small Modular Reactors NEI
09/23/11 Control Room Staffing For Small Reactors NEI
06/06/11 Insurance and Liability Requirements for Small Reactors NEI
01/14/11 Small Modular Reactor Pre–Application Engagement NEI
12/20/10 License Structure for Multi–Module Small Modular Reactor Facilities NEI
11/20/10 Decommissioning Funding for Small Reactors NEI
10/31/10 NRC Annual Fee Assessment for Small Reactors NEI