TH28 Risk-Informing License Renewal: Exploring the Potential

This session will offer an update on the status of license renewal and subsequent license renewal activities. It will also look forward to what’s next: risk-informing subsequent license renewal. The NRC staff will briefly cover lessons learned from the reviews of the first subsequent license renewals. Then, the staff will describe the NRC’s initiative to determine how best to incorporate risk-informed decisionmaking (RIDM) practices into license renewal reviews, including increasing utilization of other parts of the regulatory framework. Industry will then provide its approach to risk-informing the implementation of aging management programs.


  • Brian Smith, Director, Division of New and Renewed Licenses, NRR/NRC e-mail:



  • Marieliz Johnson, Project Manager, License Renewal Project Branch, Division of New and Renewed Licenses, NRR/NRC e-mail:

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