TH22 Emergency Response During Covid-19: Lessons from Hurricane Ida

Our session will be a panel discussion on the Hurricane Ida response. Participants in the panel will include representatives from Region IV, HQ, other government agencies, and industry. The purpose of the panel will be to share the different experiences of the participating organizations with the audience, emphasizing the ways in which the response was different and unique under Covid-19.

The main learning objective will be to transfer useful insights obtained from the NRC stakeholders in attendance. For this reason, we intend to closely focus the discussion on what is transferrable and useful to other organizations, as opposed to specific internal program details that do not have external applicability.

In support of that focus, we intend to narrow the discussion down to three key questions, posed directly to the participants:

  1. What made this response different from the normal hurricane response?
  2. What aspects of the experience most surprised you?
  3. What insights gained from the response would be useful or transferrable to other organizations?



  • Introductory Remarks
    Scott Morris, Regional Administrator, RIV/NRC
  • John Overly, Emergency Preparedness Manager – Waterford Nuclear Generating Station, Entergy
  • Ryan Lantz, Director, Division of Reactor Safety, RIV/NRC
  • Rebecca Richardson, Chief, Intelligence Liaison & Threat Assessment Branch, Division of Security Operations, NSIR/NRC
  • Oscar Martinez, Branch Chief / Regional Assistance Committee (RAC) Chair, Region 6, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Linda Gee, REPP Sr. Site Specialist, FEMA Region 6, National Preparedness Technical Hazards, REPP, Federal Emergency Management Agency


  • Brian Parks, Senior Emergency Response Coordinator, Response Coordination Branch, Division of Reactor Safety, RIV/NRC e-mail:

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