Robert Boston

Mr. Boston is responsible for oversight of the nation’s leading nuclear energy research, development, and demonstration laboratory at the Idaho National Laboratory, an 890 mi^2 multi-program laboratory focused on innovative nuclear energy solutions, clean energy options, and securing the national's critical infrastructure and carrying out a safe environmental cleanup program.

Mr. Boston previously served as the Chief Operating Officer for the DOE Idaho Operations Office.  The INL is the home of the World’s most powerful test reactor, the Advanced Test Reactor, 26 hazard category 2 & 3 nuclear facilities as well as several dozen radiological facilities.

Mr. Boston has a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering, is a licensed Professional Engineer, Certified Health Physicist and a Federal Project Director.  He was a past President of the Eastern Idaho Chapter of the Health Physics Society; he is adjunct faculty at Idaho State University (ISU), a member of the ISU College of Science and Engineering Advisory Board and the Reactor Safety Committee.

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