TH23 Current Fleet 2050–Operations, Oversight and Workforce

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

Nuclear industry and research organizations are pursuing several initiatives for improving the sustainability of the existing fleet of plants. These initiatives include new technologies such as accident tolerant fuel, digital systems, load following operations, and large-scale hydrogen production. Guests will provide perspectives on the future state of the operating fleet and discuss potential regulatory policy implications, as well as any technical and workforce challenges in achieving sustainable safe and reliable operations into the future.
  • Introductory Remarks
    Andrea Veil, Acting Office Director, NRR/NRC
  • Sustaining the Fleet for Future Generations
    Scot Greenlee, Senior Vice President, Engineerng and Technical Sciences, Exelon Generation
  • Sustaining the Existing Fleet
    Bruce Hallbert, Director, Technical Integration Office, Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Todd Allen, Chair and Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan
  • Risk-Informed Regulator
    Laura Dudes, Regional Administrator, RII/NRC
  • Robert Murray, Senior Resident Inspector, Reactor Projects Branch, #1, Division of Reactor Projects, RII/NRC tel: 630-829-9994, e-mail:

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