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The NRC Leadership Model

Office of Enfocement

This presentation explains how and why the NRC communicates to the public. OPA will distribute copies of the 2018–2019 Information Digest. This session will provide insights into the development and implementation of the NRC’s Leadership Model. The Model was finalized in June 2018 and provides a road map to communicate, in one place, how we individually and collectively demonstrate leadership in fulfilling the NRC's mission. The Leadership Model complements the Principles of Good Regulation (ICORE) and NRC Values (ISOCCER) by elaborating upon six fundamental characteristics (PREDICT) which are not explicitly addressed by the Principles or Values. The Model describes the specific leadership behaviors that are expected to be demonstrated by individuals, supervisors, and team members. The Model will serve to nurture a strong organizational culture, enabling NRC to regulate with excellence into the future.

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