W18  Emergency Preparedness: Change Happens, the Mission Remains the Same

The session will present insights into ongoing activities within the NRC's emergency preparedness (EP) program. A variety of program aspects will be highlighted, including emergency planning zones, emergency response organization staffing, EP performance indicators, the EP significance determination process, disaster-initiated reviews, evacuation time estimates, and protective action strategies. This presentation will demonstrate how the NRC’s regulatory framework can evolve and become more efficient, while maintaining the agency’s strong commitment to the health and safety of the public.

  • Michael Scott, Director, Division of Preparedness and Response, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-3779, e-mail: Michael.Scott@nrc.gov


  • Jonathan Fiske, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Division of Preparedness and Response, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-9228, e-mail: Jonathan.Fiske@nrc.gov

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