W16  Role of Research in Transforming the Regulatory Environment

Research plays an important role in providing the technical bases to support agency decisionmaking.  As the agency continues on its journey of transformation, research helps to establish technical acceptability and identify the scope of regulatory review. Research helps to inform the regulatory and policy environments to support innovation.

The purpose of this session is to focus on how research supports the readiness of new and innovative technologies for deployment.  This session will contribute to staff and stakeholder knowledge and insights for fostering environments that support innovation.

This session will focus on how research activities can be identified, leveraged, and prioritized to anticipate future regulatory and industry needs.  The session will discuss organizational strategies for best deploying innovative technologies, from development through regulatory acceptance.  The session will include presenters from industry, government laboratories, academia, and others who support research and development to enable nuclear energy innovation.

The presentations and panel discussion will inform NRC licensing staff, industry, and stakeholders about ongoing research and how different organizations are planning for the use of innovative technologies and how research supports regulatory reviews.





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