W15  Optimizing the Reactor Oversight Process

Self-assessment and continuous improvement are key aspects of the NRC's ROP. The NRC is currently assessing suggestions provided by both internal and external stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of the ROP. The NRC wants to ensure this effort is focused on those issues most important to safety and that regulatory oversight activities are executed efficiently, optimizing both NRC and licensee resources. This session will provide information on the status and next steps of the NRC's efforts in this area and will provide external panelists with an opportunity to share their perspectives on this important initiative.

  • Ho Nieh, Office Director, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-1270, e-mail: Ho.Nieh@nrc.gov
  • Ho Nieh, Office Director, NRR/NRC
  • UCS Views on the ROP
    Edwin Lyman, Senior Scientist and Acting Director, Nuclear Safety Project, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Chris Miller, Director, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRR/NRC
  • Cost, Benefit, Time; The Balance of Change
    Gregory Halnon, Vice President, Nuclear Regulatory Affairs & President/Chief Nuclear Officer, GPU Nuclear, FirstEnergy Corporation
  • Anton (Tony) Vegel, Director, Division of Reactor Projects, RIV/NRC
  • Mary Anderson, Reactor Operations Engineer, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-7126, e-mail: Mary.Anderson@nrc.gov

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