W25  The A to Z of Operating Experience Data Collection and Usage to Improve PRA Realism

A panel of experts from the NRC, the nuclear industry, and nongovernmental organizations will discuss how nuclear plant operating experience data is systematically reported by licensees, collected by INPO, and coded and analyzed by INL for incorporation in risk analysis, performance trending, and the NRC regulatory oversight program.  Operating experience is primarily reported via licensee event reports (LERs), monthly operations logs and component failure events. This session will also provide an overview of the NRC’s Accident Sequence Precursor (ASP) program that analyzes selected LERs and Inspection Reports using the SAPHIRE/SPAR risk-analysis software to assess their risk potential as part of the NRC’s regulatory oversight of the operating nuclear fleet. This session will also discuss the NRC’s Operating Experience Clearinghouse in which emergent operating experience information is collected and evaluated for insights and cross-cutting impacts across the nuclear fleet power plants. It is a key tool used to communicate to NRC staff fast-breaking domestic and international operating experience, knowledge gained and lessons learned.
  • Zeechung Gary Wang, Reliability and Risk Engineer, Division of Risk Analysis, RES/NRC tel: 301-415-1686, e-mail: Zeechung.Wang@nrc.gov

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