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Ronald Johnson

Secretary Ronald Johnson is currently serving his fifth term on Prairie Island Indian Community Tribal Council.  Johnson has previously served as president, vice president, treasurer and assistant secretary/treasurer of the Tribal Council.

During his service on Tribal Council, Johnson has led important initiatives, including testifying before Congress on labor relations issues, serving as co-chair of the National Congress of American Indian's Department of Homeland Security and discussing tribal nations public safety and law enforcement priorities with White House officials.  Johnson is also working with the NRC to ensure safety at Prairie Island's Nuclear Generating Plant and make sure it is up to regulations.

Johnson's goals for the current Tribal Council are to preserve the Community's public health and safety for future generations by ensuring the Tribe's interests are represented in the proposed ISFSI relicensing of the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant and to work towards the permanent removal of nuclear waste from Prairie Island as soon as possible.

In addition, Johnson is involved in youth activities to promote the imporetance of education and to support the development of future leaders within the Community.  A Red Wing native, he previously worked as the building and grounds manager at Treasure Island Resort & Casino.  Johnson also has 16 years of commercial industrial refridgeration experience.

He has an associate's degree in marketing/management from a private college in Florida.

Johnson is an outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his family and saltwater fishing.  He and wife Kathy have two daughters, Hannah and Sheldon.

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