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The NRC staff is seeking public dialogue related to ways to incorporate risk information in license renewal and subsequent license renewal of nuclear power reactors. This meeting is a follow-up to the March 2022 NRC Regulatory Information Conference session TH28 “Risk-Informing License Renewal: Exploring the Potential,” ( This meeting is looking to build on the previous meeting to have a more expansive discussion on the possible ways to incorporate risk information in license renewal.
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1:00PM - 4:00PM ET

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Webinar Meeting Number:301-576-2978
Webinar Password:823798495#
Christopher Tyree
(301) 415-3754

Brian Harris
(301) 415-2277

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*Meeting has been changed to a virtual only meeting due to the transmission level in Montgomery County* Another meeting that was related to Risk Informing Subsequent License Renewals was the public meeting on June 2, 2022 discussing two risk-informed aging management programs submitted by the Nuclear Energy Institute in January 2022 (ML22019A292).

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