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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff is hosting a public meeting to provide an opportunity for external stakeholders to exchange information with the NRC staff on the NRC’s development of the Part 53 proposed rule for commercial nuclear plants. The NRC staff will discuss various draft requirements of Part 53 Framework B, Subparts N through U. In addition, the NRC staff will be discussing the Alternate Evaluation for Risk Insights (AERI) approach included in Framework B. The NRC staff will issue the consolidated Part 53 preliminary proposed rule language for Framework B on or before June 10, 2022. In addition, the NRC staff will issue White Papers titled "Technology-Inclusive Identification of Licensing Events for Commercial Nuclear Plants" and "Alternative Evaluation of Risk Insights Framework" on or before June 10, 2022. These documents will be available in ADAMS under ML22145A000, ML22146A045, and ML22146A041, and on the website under docket ID NRC-2019-0062.
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1:00PM - 4:00PM ET

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Conference Room T2-D30
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Robert Beall
(301) 415-3847

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Bridge Number: (301) 576-2978
Passcode: 347304526#
Conference ID:NA
This meeting provides an opportunity for the NRC staff to hear insights and answer questions from the public about the Part 53 rulemaking effort related to the preliminary proposed rule language for Framework B and the AERI White Papers. Attendees are encouraged to read the preliminary proposed rule language available on; Docket ID NRC-2019-0062 or in ADAMS, prior to the meeting. No regulatory decisions will be made during the meeting. Interested members of the public can participate in this meeting via the Microsoft Teams link or bridgeline provided above. For additional details, please call the NRC meeting contact listed or call the NRC’s toll-free number, 1-800-368-5642, and ask the operator to be connected to the meeting contact Robert Beall.

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