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The purpose of this teleconference is to discuss the Tennessee Valley Authority's planned alternative request to ASME Code Case N-526, "Alternative Requirements for Successive Inspections of Class 1 and 2 Vessels, Section XI, Division 1," for Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Unit 2.
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12:00PM - 1:00PM ET

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Webinar Link:
Webinar Meeting Number:3015762978
Webinar Password:171699454
Luke Haeg
(301) 415-0272

Michael Wentzel
(301) 415-6459

Participation Level
NRC Participants
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
External Participants
Tennessee Valley Authority
Docket Numbers - Facility Names
05000260 - Browns Ferry 2
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ML21270A049 - 09/27/2021 Teleconference with Tennessee Valley Authority to Discuss a Planned Alternative Request to ASME Code Case N-526 for Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Unit 2.

Bridge Number: (301) 576-2978
Passcode: 171699454#