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The purpose of these meetings is to describe NRC staff efforts in assessing Environmental Justice in NRC’s programs, policies, and activities as directed by the Commission in Staff Requirements Memorandum (ADAMS Accession No. ML21113A070). The staff will provide an overview of current and planned activities and receive comments from members of the public.
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1:30PM - 3:00PM ET

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Webinar Link:
Webinar Meeting Number:8888314306
Webinar Password:3889403#
Allen Fetter
(301) 415-8556

Ed Miller
(301) 415-2481

Participation Level
NRC Participants
Allen Fetter, NRC Staff
Ed Miller, NRC Staff
External Participants
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Bridge Number: (888) 831-4306
Passcode: 3889403#
Conference ID:null
Comments will be accepted from members of the public and other stakeholders. NRC staff will also answer process-related questions after everyone has had a chance to provide comments during the meeting, time permitting. A transcript of the meeting will be available approximately 10 days after the meeting and a link to the transcript will be referenced in the meeting summary.

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