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The purpose of this meeting is to discuss with the nuclear industry and other stakeholders the initiatives within the industry and NRC related to construction permit guidance for light water and non-light water reactors and other issues associated with the development and licensing of non-light water reactors (Non-LWRs). The Non-LWR topics include applicability of regulations and a discussion of advanced reactor content of application project (ARCAP) guidance and technology inclusive content of application project (TICAP) guidance
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10:00AM - 4:00PM

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Joe Sebrosky
(301) 415-1132

Carolyn Lauron
(301) 415-2736

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Category 2
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NRC Staff
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ML21049A277 - 2021/02/18 NRR E-mail Capture - Transmittal of Information Related to Technology Inclusive Content of Application Project (TICAP) and Advanced Reactor Content of Application Project (ARCAP) to Support Upcoming Public Meeting Scheduled for February 25, 20

ML21055A871 - 02/25/2021 Periodic Advanced Reactor Stakeholder Meeting. Topics include power reactor construction permit guidance applicable to both light water and non-light water reactor applications and other advanced reactor stakeholder topics.

ML20241A017 - NRC Staff Draft White Paper Analysis of Applicability of NRC Regulations for Non-LWRs.

ML21043A339 - NRC Staff Draft White Paper, "Safety Review of Power Reactor Construction Permit Applications," dated February, 12, 2021

ML21049A098 - Appendix to NRC Staff Draft White Paper: Analysis of Applicability of NRC Regulations for Non-Light Water Reactors

ML21055A541 - February 25, 2021 Advanced Reactor Stakeholder and Construction Permit Guidance Public Meeting

Bridge Number: (301) 576-2978
Passcode: 157353886
Conference ID:null
The meeting will use Microsoft Teams. If the Microsoft Teams meeting link does not work, participants can call into the meeting using the following Microsoft Teams bridgeline and conference ID: Bridgeline: 301-576-2978, Conference ID: 157 353 886# For additional details, please call the NRC meeting contact listed on the NRC Public Meeting Schedule or call the NRC’s toll-free number, 1-800-368-5642, and ask the operator to be connected to the meeting contact (Joe Sebrosky). In addition, the meeting notice will be updated before the meeting to provide the ADAMS accession number for the slides. Stakeholders that wish to make opening remarks should inform the meeting contact no later than close of business on February 23, 2021.

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