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Discuss changes the staff is considering for IMC 0609, App C and D and their corresponding basis documents IMC 0308, Att 3, App C and D. Presentation material will be shared via this announcement prior to meeting date.
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10:00AM - 11:30AM

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David Garmon
(301) 415-3512

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Category 2
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ML20290A462 - Presentation - RP SDP- Oct 2020 Public Meeting

ML18264A305 - NEI Comments on Draft Public Radiation Safety SDP IMC 0609 App D September 20, 2018.

ML18178A100 - IMC 0609 Appendix D Public Radiation Safety Cornerstone SDP (Draft for July 2018 ROP Monthly Mtg).

ML20294A186 - 10/21/2020 Updates to Radiation Safety Significance Determination Process (SDP)

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