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The purpose for this teleconference is for Exelon to present to the NRC staff their pre-application plans in support of licensing activities due to the planned early closures of the Byron and Dresden nuclear power stations.
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1:00PM - 3:00PM

Meeting Location
Russell Haskell

Joel Wiebe

Participation Level
Category 1
NRC Participants
NRC Staff
External Participants
Exelon Generation Co LLC
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Related Documents
ML20258A030 - Exelon Decommissioning Licensing Action Submittal Plan for Byron and Dresden Stations Early Shutdowns

ML20260H299 - 09/22/2020 Notice of a Teleconference Meeting Between the NRC and Exelon Nuclear Generation Co. LLC Regarding Licensing Activities Associated with the Early Closures of Byron, Units 1 and 2 and Dresden, Units 2 and 3.

This is a Category 1 public teleconference which includes an opportunity for members of the public to address topics with the NRC staff regarding Exelon's proposed licensing activities. To join the teleconference, information may be obtained by contacting the staff members identified above in this notice. Thank you. Please note meeting time is 1PM-3PM EASTERN