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The purpose of this meeting is to allow NRC, industry, and public stakeholders to discuss NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) Draft 18-07, "Licensee Performance Assessments, Methodology for Licensee Identification of Latent Design Issues." Implementation of this guidance would allow power reactor licensees to take credit for specific NRC inspections by performing self-assessments. NRC staff will discuss their review of the NEI draft guidance, and industry will provide an overview of their plan. NRC will also provide an update of the selection of topics for Focused Engineering Inspections by its Engineering Inspection Working Group.
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Meeting Dates and Times
1:00PM - 4:00PM

Meeting Location
NRC One White Flint North
11555 Rockville Pike
13th Floor, Conference Room B-04
Rockville MD
Eric Thomas

Participation Level
Category 2
NRC Participants
Jim Isom, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Eric Thomas, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Mike King, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Jeremy Groom, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Tom Hipschman, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Mel Gray, Region I
Mohammed Shuaibi, Region III
Michael Greenleaf, Region II
Nick Taylor, Region IV
Greg Werner, Region IV
External Participants
Dan Churchman, Southern Company
Dan Doran, Exelon
Dave Gudger, Exelon
Everett Perkins, Centrec Corporation
Greg Halnon, First Energy Corporation
James Slider, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Lance Sterling, South Texas Project Electric Generating Station
Maggie Staiger, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Mike Durr, Tennessee Valley Authority
Steve Geier, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Terry Reis, Southern Company
Tony Zimmerman, Duke Energy
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ML18302A191 - NRC Questions in Response to NEI 18-07, "Licensee Performance Assessments: Methodology for Licensee Identification of Latent Design Issues."

ML18165A068 - NEI 18-07, Draft 0, Self-Assessment Methodology for Identification of Latent Design Issues.

ML18304A195 - 11/01/2018 Discussion of Licensee Self-Assessment Process for Focused Engineering Inspections

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