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Meeting info
This is a pre-application meeting between Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff to discuss a proposed LAR to cross-tie chilled water from the Browns Ferry Unit 3 Control Bay Chiller System to the supply and return chilled water piping for the Browns Ferry Units 1/2 Control Bay Chiller System. The proposed modification provides an alternate cooling source and reduces the potential for a three-unit shutdown when the Browns Ferry Units 1/2 control bay chillers are inoperable.
Meeting Feedback
Meeting Dates and Times
2:00PM - 4:00PM

Meeting Location
NRC One White Flint North
11555 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD
Andrew Hon

Natreon Jordan

Robert Schaaf

Participation Level
Category 1
NRC Participants
Andrew Hon, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Natreon Jordan, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Larry Wheeler, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Robert Dennig, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Michael Waters, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Jessie Quichocho, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
External Participants
Ed Schrull, Tennessee Valley Authority
Erik Meisner, Tennessee Valley Authority
Gordon Williams, Tennessee Valley Authority
Ron Hand, Tennessee Valley Authority
Todd Stafford, Tennessee Valley Authority
Docket Numbers - Facility Names
05000259 - Browns Ferry 1
05000260 - Browns Ferry 2
05000296 - Browns Ferry 3
Related Documents
ML18045A711 - 02/15/2018 Pre-application Meeting Regarding a Planned License Amendment Request (LAR) Associated with Modifications to the Control Bay Chiller Systems at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant (Browns Ferry) Units 1, 2, and 3.

Meeting Presentation Material - ML18045A162 in ADAMS