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Discuss Hatch Nuclear plant staffing, planned equipment upgrades, recent Unit 1 main transformer NOUE, and SNM Inventory follow-up.
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Meeting Dates and Times
1:00PM -
Meeting Location
NRC Region II Office
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta GA
Gordon Williams
(404) 562-4516

Participation Level
Category 1
NRC Participants
Region II
External Participants
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
Docket Numbers - Facility Names
05000321 - HATCH 1
05000366 - HATCH 2
Related Documents
ML053350265 - 12/15/2005 Meeting Notification to Discuss Plant Staffing, Planned Equipment Upgrades, the Recent Unit 1 Main Transformer NOUE, and the SNM Inventory Follow-up at Hatch Nuclear Plant.

ML053420240 - 12/15/2005 Cancelled Meeting Announcement (Category One Meeting) - Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant, Docket Nos. 50-321 & 50-366.

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