NARM Toolbox: State Letters

Letters sent to the States regarding the Implementation of the EPAct requirements
Number Title
FSME-08-068 Notification of Impending Phase 2 Waiver Terminations and Reminder to File License Applications
FSME-08-018 Publication of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Guidance on Medical Use Licenses
FSME-08-010 Notification of Phase 2 Waiver Terminations and Reminder to File License Applications
FSME-07-110 Publication of NRC Guidance About Commercial Radiopharmacy Licenses
FSME-07-107 Approval of Agreement State Governor Certifications
FSME-07-105 Guidance on Production of Radioactive Materials Using An Accelerator
FSME-07-094 Publication of Transition Plan for NARM
FSME-07-090 Final NARM Rule (RIN 3150-AH84)
FSME-07-067 Draft NRC Guidance On NARM For Comment
FSME-07-061 Opportunity to Comment on NRC Draft Guidance on NARM
FSME-07-051 Opportunity to Comment on NRC Draft Guidance on NARM
FSME-07-033 Evaluation of NARM Casework During IMPEP Reviews
FSME-07-027 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-05, Status and Plans for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally-Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
FSME-07-023 Update: NARM Transition Plan
FSME-07-011 Transition of Sealed Source or Device Registration Certificates for NARM from State Jurisdiction to NRC Jurisdiction
FSME-06-099 Draft Sample Letter for Governor's Certification of Adequacy Under Section 651 of The Energy Policy Act Of 2005
FSME-06-097 Draft Transition Plan for Comment
FSME-06-093 Draft Transition Plan Available for Information
FSME-06-077 Letters From NRC Chairman to Governors Requesting Budgetary Information
FSME-06-071 Forthcoming Activities Related to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Expanded Definition of Byproduct Material - NARM Rule
FSME-06-068 Opportunity to Comment on Proposed NARM Rule and Environmental Assessment (RIN 3150-AH84)
FSME-06-031 Expanded Definition of Byproduct Material Rulemaking Package Posted on Web Site
FSME-06-007 Notice of Availability: Parts 20, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 35 - Expanded Definition of ByProduct Material (NARM Rulemaking), Availability of Web Page
FSME-05-078 Notification of Public Meeting on Energy Policy Act 2005 Rulemaking Involving New Definitions