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Information Notices of Interest to Medical Use Licensees

The following notices are listed by year:

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in2014-05 05/12/2014 Verifying Appropriate Dosimetry Evaluation
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in2013-16 08/12/2013 Importance of Verification of Treatment Parameters for High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Administrations
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in2012-23 12/26/2012 Recent Radiography Events Resulting in Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits
in2012-08 04/10/2012 High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader (HDR) Physical Presence Requirements
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in2011-11 04/27/2011 Reporting Requirement For Heat And Smoke Detector Failures In 10 CFR Part 36 Irradiators
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in2010-24 11/19/2010 Notice of Possible Source Leakage During Non-Routine Maintenance on a Gammacell 40 Irradiator
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in2009-30 11/06/2009 Findings From The NRC Initiative To Assess Materials Licensees' Compliance With The NRC Decommissioning Requirements
in2009-27 11/13/2009 Revised International Nuclear And Radiological Event Scale User's Manual
in2009-17 08/28/2009 Reportable Medical Events Involving Treatment Delivery Errors Caused By Confusion Of Units For The Specification Of Brachytherapy Sources
in2009-15 08/28/2009 Varian Medical Systems Varisource High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Events: Source Retraction Problems
in2009-07 03/30/2009 Withholding of Propriety Information from Public Disclosure
in2009-05 02/03/2009 Contamination Events Resulting From Damage To Sealed Radioactive Sources During Gauge Dismantlement And Non-Routine Maintenance Operations
in2009-01 01/22/2009 National Response Framework
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in2008-22 01/12/2009 Molybdenum-90 Breakthrough in Molybdenum-99/Technetium-99m Generators
in2008-03 05/16/2008 Precautions to take before Sharing Sensitive Security-Related Information
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in2007-38 12/14/2007 Ensuring Complete and Accurate Information in the Documentation of Training and Experience for Individuals Seeking Approval as Medical Authorized Users
in2007-35 10/17/2007 Varian Medical Systems Varisource HDR Events: Iridium-192 Source Pulled From Shielded Position
in2007-25 07/19/2007 Suggestion from the Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes for Consideration to Improve Compliance With Sodium Iodide I-131 Written Directive Requirements in 10 CFR 35.40 and Supervision Requirements in 10 CFR 35.27
in2007-16 05/02/2007 Common Violations of the Increased Controls Requirements and Related Guidance Documents
in2007-10 03/05/2007 Yttrium-90 Therashperes and SIRSpheres Impurities
in2007-08 02/28/2007 Potential vulnerabilities of time-reliant computer-based systems due to change in daylight saving time dates
in2007-03 02/02/2007 Reportable Medical Events Involving Patients Receiving Dosages of Sodium Iodide Iodine-131 Less Than the Prescribed Dosage Because of Capsules Remaining in Vials After Administration
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in2006-12 07/06/2006 Exercising Due Diligence when Transferring Radioactive Materials
in2006-11 06/12/2006 Applicability of Patient Intervention in Determining Medical Events for Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Other Therapy Procedures
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in2005-27 10/07/2005 Low-Dose-Rate Manual Brachytherapy – Equipment-Related Medical Events
in2005-17 06/23/2005 Manual Brachytherapy Source Jamming
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in2004-02 02/05/2004 Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Calibration Values and Use
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in2003-22 12/09/2003 Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation from Medical Administrations
in2003-21 11/24/2003 High-Dose-Rate-Remote-Afterloader Equipment Failure
in2003-12 08/22/2003 Problems Involved in Monitoring Dose to the Hands Resulting from the Handling of Radiopharmaceuticals
in2003-09 07/16/2003 Source Positioning Errors and System Malfunctions During Administration of Intravascular Brachytherapy
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in2002-36 12/27/2002 Incomplete of Inaccurate Information Provided to the Licensee And/or NRC by Any Contractor or Subcontractor Employee
in2002-33 11/22/2002 Notification of Permanent Injunction Against Neutron Products Incorporated of Dickerson, Maryland
in2002-28 09/27/2002 Appointment of Radiation Safety Officers and Authorized Users Under 10 CFR Part 35
in2002-23 07/16/2002 Unauthorized Administration of Byproduct Material for Medical Use
in2002-23s1 03/21/2003 Unauthorized Administration of Byproduct Material for Medical Use
in2002-19 06/14/2002 Medical Misadministrations Caused by Failure to Properly Perform Tests on Dose Calibrators for Beta -and Low-Energy Photon-Emitting Radionuclides
in2002-17 05/30/2002 Medical Use of Strontium-90 Eye Applicators: New Requirements for Calibration and Decay Correction
in2002-16 05/01/2002 Intravascular Brachytherapy Misadministrations
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in2001-08s1 06/06/2001 Update on the Investigation of Patient Deaths in Panama, Following Radiation Therapy Overexposures
in2001-08 06/01/2001 Treatment Planning System Errors Result in Deaths of Overseas Radiation Therapy Patients
in2001-01 03/26/2001 The Importance of Accurate Inventory Controls to Prevent the Unauthorized Possession of Radioactive Material
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in2000-22 12/18/2000 Medical Misadministrations Caused by Human Errors Involving Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Gamma Knife)
in2000-19 12/05/2000 Implementation of Human Use Research Protocols Involving U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulated Materials
in2000-16 10/05/2000 Potential Hazards Due to Volatilization of Radionuclides
in2000-10 07/18/2000 Recent Events Resulting in Extremity Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits
in2000-05 03/06/2000 Recent Medical Misadministrations Resulting from Inattention to Detail
in2000-04 02/25/2000 Enforcement Sanctions for Deliberate Violations of NRC Employee Protection Requirements
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