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Photo of Honeywell Works, Uranium Conversion, Metropolis, IL  

Location: Metropolis, IL
Licensee: Honeywell International, Inc.
Operating License: SUB-526
License Expires:
Docket Number: 04003392

Facility Type: Uranium Conversion
Facility Status: Operational / Partial Decommissioning

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Operating with Intent to Decommission

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Partial Decommissioning

Type of Site: Uranium Conversion
License Status: Operating
Project Manager: Jack Sulima

Site Status Summary

Honeywell has requested decommissioning of a portion of its Metropolis Works facility located in Metropolis, IL. Honeywell anticipates that plant operations would continue during and after the decommissioning. NRC staff is currently reviewing Honeywell's Decommissioning Plan for this partial decommissioning action.

Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

Honeywell's proposed decommissioning design presents several unusual challenges because Honeywell has elected to leave waste in place under unrestricted land use conditions. Complicating the NRC's evaluation is Honeywell's simultaneous request to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency seeking closure of this same portion of the facility.

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