Publicly Available Documents

The following table lists publicly available documents relevant to the NRC's oversight of SONGS.

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Date Title/Description
12/22/2022 Environmental Assessment for the Controlled Area Boundary Exemption for SONGS in San Diego County, California.
12/23/2013 High Burn-up Spent Fuel Information
11/25/2013 Responses to the Questions from the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre Regarding the Decommissioning Process at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
04/30/2013 NRC Acknowledgement letter accepting Friends of the Earth's 2.206 Petition, and enclosed Federal Register Notice
04/26/2013 NRC Chairman Macfarlane's response to Senator Boxer's letter regarding concerns with Southern California Edison's April 5, 2013 license amendment request for SONGS Unit 2
04/25/2013 SCE Responses to NRC Requests for Additional Information Nos. 33-72
04/16/2013 Federal Register Notice of Application and Amendment to Facility Operating License Involving No Significant Hazards Consideration Determination and Opportunity for Hearing for SCE's April 5, 2013 License Amendment Request
04/10/2013 Special Report: Inspection of Steam Generator Tubes, Cycle 17 San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 2
04/09/2013 Supplement 1 to SCE License Amendment Request – SONGS Unit 2 Steam Generator Program
04/05/2013 SCE License Amendment Request – SONGS Unit 2 Steam Generator Program
03/29/2013 SONGS, Units 2 and 3 - Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (April 2011), Steam Generator Information
03/18/2013 Second Request for Additional Information (Redacted), Questions No. 33-67
03/15/2013 Draft Request for Additional Information, Questions No. 68-72
03/14/2013 Operational Assessment for 100% Power Case
03/06/2013 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Request for Withholding Root Cause Analysis and Supplemental Technical Evaluation Report Information from Public Disclosure
03/01/2013 SCE Responses to NRC Requests for Additional Information Nos. 1-32
02/25/2013 Submission of Mitsubishi Root Cause Analysis and Supplemental Technical Evaluation Report
02/14/2013 SCE Replacement Steam Generators Non-Proprietary 10 CFR 50.59 Screenings and Evaluations
01/17/2013 SONGS Oversight Panel Charter
12/26/2012 Request for Additional Information Regarding Response to Confirmatory Action Letter
11/30/2012 Report of NRC Vendor Inspection at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
11/09/2012 Augmented Inspection Team Follow-up Inspection (2012010)
11/08/2012 Commission Memorandum and Order regarding Petition to Intervene and Request for Hearing by Friends of the Earth
10/04/2012 Press Release: NRC Receives Response to Confirmatory Action Letter, Action Plan for San Onofre Unit Proposed NRC Review to Take Months
10/03/2012 Southern California Edison Response to NRC's Confirmatory Action Letter and Return to Service Plan for Unit 2
09/04/2012 Mid-Cycle Assessment Letter for San Onofre Nuclear Gernerating Station, Units 2 and 3
09/04/2012 NRC Oversight of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Units 2 and 3 during Extended Shutdown
07/18/2012 Augmented Inspection Team Report (2012007)
06/04/2012 Part 21-Steam Generator Tube Wear Adjacent to Retaining Bars
05/16/2012 Augmented Inspection Team Charter, Revision 1
05/07/2012 Statement from Chairman on Restart
03/29/2012 Licensee Event Report 2012-001-00, Unit 3 Manual Trip due to Steam Generator Tube Leak
03/27/2012 Press Release regarding Confirmatory Action Letter
03/27/2012 San Onofre Confirmatory Action Letter
03/23/2012 San Onofre Return-to-Service Action Plan
03/16/2012 Augmented Inspection Team Charter
03/16/2012 Preliminary Notification Update PNO-IV-12-003A, Augmented Inspection Team Onsite at San Onofre Unit 3
03/15/2012 Press Release regarding Augmented Inspection Team Inspection
02/01/2012 Press Release regarding Augmented Inspection Team Inspection
01/31/2012 Event Notification Report 47628, Manual Trip due to a Primary-to-Secondary Leak Greater than 30 gal/hr

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