Tribal Advance Notification

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Advance Notification Rule Definition

The purpose of the Rule is to inform Tribes that choose to receive advance notification of shipments of irradiated reactor fuel and other nuclear wastes passing across their reservation. The rule recognizes Tribal sovereignty and the Tribal governments' interest in being informed of activities occurring on Tribal reservations.

Advance Notification Rule Policy

Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations governing the packaging and transportation of radioactive material and physical protection of plants and materials were recently amended. When shipments of irradiated reactor fuel and certain nuclear wastes pass through Federally recognized Tribal reservations, licensees must now provide advance notification to Tribal governments.

In addition, the regulations extend to Tribal officials, designees, and law enforcement personnel relief from fingerprinting requirements required for access to Safeguards Information (SGI). However, the participating Tribal government is required to protect the shipment information as SGI.

Participating Tribes

Currently, the Federally-recognized Tribes below participate in the Tribal Advance Notification program. Clicking on the name of the Tribe will show that Tribe's reservation boundaries and the NRC approved transportation route for shipment of irradiated reactor fuel and other nuclear wastes.

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