Core V1 Text Widgets

Heading Widget

The Heading widget (above) allows you to enter a heading and select the size and alignment. You can also choose a background color and text color.

General Page Content Widget

The General Page Content widget can be used to place HTML content onto the page. Users may utilize a WYSIWYG toolbar while editing the text, which provides various additional formatting and content options. This widget needs to be used in conjunction with one of the "Layout Widgets".

Summary Text Widget

The Summary Text widget can be used to place some short descriptive text in the footer or on a page. Character limit for this widget is 400.

Border Widget

The Border widget allows you to add a border in between your content

In Page Link Widget

The In Page Link widget displays a hyperlink to a specified target URL. It also can be used to layout the links for the mega menu.
Link Text (Home Page)

Spacer Widget

The Spacer widget allows you to add a space in between your content as needed.

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