Intrusion Detection

An intrusion detection system is intended to notify the site's security force of a potential intruder.

Licensee detection capability addresses the following adversary intrusion tactics:

  • stealth
  • deceit
  • force

Perimeter intrusion detection systems include:

  • Volumetric systems, such as microwave and some electric field systems
    • Volumetric systems detect disturbances of a volume of space
    • For a microwave system with separate transmitters and receivers, this space is between the transmitter and the receiver.
    • For an electric field sensor, the space parallels the sensor and generator wires.
    • The effective detection volume must be sufficiently high and wide to prevent jumping across without detection and sufficiently low to detect someone attempting to crawl beneath it.
  • Planar systems, such as fence disturbance and infrared systems, detect disturbances of the geometric plane containing the system elements.
  • Security officers

Interior intrusion detection systems include:

  • Door mounted balanced magnetic switches
  • Interior volumetric systems
    • Ultrasound
    • Infrared
    • Motion detection closed circuit television

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