Recent FOIA Requests – November 2017

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during November 2017. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
Contracts or agreements pertaining to settlements of sexual harassment within NRC; total of cases settled or litigated between the years 2000-2017; source of funds in these settlements; and who represented and/or negotiated for the parties involved in these cases/settlements NRC-2018-000030
All records related to an investigation of named individual and his employment prior to being employed by the NRC NRC-2018-000029
All released records in FOIA 2016-0474 NRC-2018-000028
ML14325A850 NRC-2018-000027
2012-2012 FY Strategic Plan NRC-2018-000026
Names and dates of any NRC staff subject to a polygraph exam, date range January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2009 NRC-2018-000025
13 non-public ADAMS records in package ML16195A365 NRC-2018-000024
Listed records found in package ML16195A365 NRC-2018-000023
Internal communication at SECY level only showing if voted to release SECY 05-0189 and what reasons for release and not keeping it public NRC-2018-000022
SECY 07-0114 and its related SRM (Staff Requirements Memoranda) NRC-2018-000021
DOE-COE (Department of Energy-Centers of Excellence) agreement NRC-2018-000020
All contracts and any sort of agreements with Rand Corporation NRC-2018-000019
Same Search as FOIA 2016-0557 [all records classified "non-public" placed in ADAMS on April 13, 2016] but for May 1st, 2017 NRC-2018-000018
ML16348A358 NRC-2018-000017
ML092290345 and Contract #NRC-10-07-433 NRC-2018-000016
All communication between NRC and Washington State Department of Corrections, 2016-current date NRC-2018-000015
All internal/external communication on FOIA 2017-0038 NRC-2018-000013
SECY 79-263 (4/16/1979) NRC-2018-000012
Any contract/agreement between NRC and Federal law enforcement training center NRC-2018-000011
COMS-99-0005-NJS (11/24/1999), COMS-99-0022-SY (7/2/1999) NRC-2018-000010
COMS-00-0037-SY (10/26/2000) NRC-2018-000009
ML091610487, ML091630458, ML102420726, ML100191964, ML110240620, ML110970468, ML092290290, and ML092380279 NRC-2018-000008
Press release index for 2017 NRC-2018-000007
ML092120283 "NRR/DCI (Office of the Nuclear Regulatory Regulation/Division of Component Integrity) fiscal year 2009 checklist for identifying potential risk" NRC-2018-000006
Purpose of FOIAXpress, List of all reports of FOIAXpress, and user manual/guide of FOIAXpress program NRC-2018-000005
Organization chart, staff roster and purpose of NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) – Emergency preparedness and security working group NRC-2018-000004
Report of OIG (Office of the Inspector General) internally generated documents for period FY 2009-Q4, that did not appear to meet the policy for release to the public (found under ML092790530) NRC-2018-000003
Most current Annual FOIA Report to DOJ (Department of Justice) NRC-2018-000002
All internal/external communication related to FOIA case and appeal numbers: 2017-0168A, 2017-0289, 2017-0194A, 2017-0456, 2017-0167A, 2017-0247 FOIA/PA-2018-0081
Copies of the 20 oldest or pending FOIA requests, being processed or held in coordination with other agencies FOIA/PA-2018-0080
Job duties, organizational chart, and cell number of named NRC staff FOIA/PA-2018-0079
Congressional Budget Justification for FY 2018 FOIA/PA-2018-0078
Copies of the following initial FOIA requests:  2017-0034, 2017-0038, 2017-0397, 2017-0398, 2017-0367, 2017-0368 FOIA/PA-2018-0077
Copy of CON-2017-0002, CON-2017-0003, CON-2017-0004, CON-2017-0005, and all internal/external communication related to CON-2017-0004 FOIA/PA-2018-0076
Copies of appeals and internal/external communications related to them:  2017-0191A, 2017-0182A, 2017-0009A, 2017-0024A FOIA/PA-2018-0075
SECY 86-384 FOIA/PA-2018-0074
List of all public and non-public SECY papers from 2015 through current date FOIA/PA-2018-0073
Same topic search as FOIA 2017-0247 (contracts related to obtaining firearms), but for date range January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2011 FOIA/PA-2018-0072
Six newest Weekly Information Reports FOIA/PA-2018-0071
Same search topic as 2017-0456 (copies of all annual assessment of applying agency's criteria of designating records public or non-public reports, but not any released to named individual in FOIA 2016-0624 or 2016-0517), but for date range January 1, 1990 through December 31, 2004 FOIA/PA-2018-0070
All records released thus far under NRC FOIA 2018-0003 FOIA/PA-2018-0069
Records pertaining to the cheating allegations made against named individual in at Turkey Point Power Plant FOIA/PA-2018-0068
ML15140A680 and LTR-15-274, ML11098067 and package ML11109A146, ML12333A202, NRC Form 7 Application for Export/Import License, last amendment, or renewal documents, from January 1, 2007 to November 13, 2017, NRC Form 250 Export Licenses for the Approved NRC Form 7 Application, and NRC Advance Export Notification documents from any shipper or receiver or carrier with the listed names, January 1, 2007 to November 13, 2017 FOIA/PA-2018-0067
Copy of responses to FOIA request numbers: 2016-0123, 2016-0052 and 2015-0492 FOIA/PA-2018-0066
All records pertaining to any Inspector General investigation into behavior by a named individual FOIA/PA-2018-0065
All e-mails (including attachments), faxes, and letters exchanged between the following named staff at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the named White House staff as listed, from January 20, 2017 to March 31, 2017 FOIA/PA-2018-0064
Any and all documents, including correspondence, interviews, and transcripts, related to OI Report 2-2016-025 pertaining to named individual FOIA/PA-2018-0063
SECY paper on subject of "U.S. French-German-British Agreement," April 2005 FOIA/PA-2018-0062
2008 Annual Threat Environment Review FOIA/PA-2018-0061
All internal and external communication in FOIA case numbers: 2018-0002A, 2017-0479, 2017-0485, 2017-0168, 2017-0280 FOIA/PA-2018-0060
Annual Report on Court litigation reports, 1990 through 2003, and 2016 FOIA/PA-2018-0059
Detailed Management Directive chapter and subchapter index FOIA/PA-2018-0058
Job duties/purpose and org charts of all Full Time Equivalent (FTE) law enforcement officer positions in NRC FOIA/PA-2018-0057
Media/press kit FOIA/PA-2018-0056
All intelligence reports authored by NRC staff or other agencies related to Islam State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Islam State In Iraq and Syria (ISIS), from January 1, 2013 to current FOIA/PA-2018-0055
Management Directive chapter related to firearms FOIA/PA-2018-0054
Organization chart, job duties/purpose, and cell number assigned to named NRC staffers FOIA/PA-2018-0053
SECY 05-189 and its related SRM, SRM related to SECY 16-0144, and Commission voting record of SECY 16-0144 FOIA/PA-2018-0052
All internal/external communication related to FOIA 2017-0189A, 2017-0508, 2017-0192A, 2017-0458, 2017-0193A, and 2017-0313 FOIA/PA-2018-0051
All NRC maintained contacts of staff at the Federal Bureau of Investigation FOIA/PA-2018-0050
Draft version of FOIA chapter of the Management Directive Handbook FOIA/PA-2018-0049
All NRC maintained contacts of staff at Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) FOIA/PA-2018-0048
1978 June 2, Memorandum to L.V. Gossick regarding Commission review of Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and Office of Inspector and Auditor (OIA) Report, See 2017-0485 FOIA/PA-2018-0047
Any and all documents related to the steam systems at Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant; and any and all documents regarding asbestos at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant FOIA/PA-2018-0046
Digital copies of all records not already publicly available regarding the agency's classification/determination of the colors for the three findings in NRC Inspection Report 50-416/2016008 dated October 27, 2017 (ML17303B200) FOIA/PA-2018-0045
Complete copy of the NRC's files on named individual's complaints, including the final NRC documents and the Office of Investigations reports FOIA/PA-2018-0044
Updated Historic List of Sites that have Inactive Licenses and/or Removed from the Material Licensing Tracking System (MLTS) FOIA/PA-2018-0043
All processing records for FOIA/PA-2017-0694, as described in item 3 of original request (FOIA/PA-2017-0694) FOIA/PA-2018-0042
Copy of correspondence from Congresswoman Diane Black or her staff and the response to the correspondence, from January 2011 through present; and copy of all correspondence from the majority staff of the House Budget Committee, from January 1, 2017 through present FOIA/PA-2018-0041
Copies of all email correspondence, including attachments, between named individuals from July 14, 2017 to July 21, 2017, and between other named individuals from September 4, 2017 through September 6, 2017 FOIA/PA-2018-0040
All released records in FOIA 2017-0114 FOIA/PA-2018-0039
SECY 79-263 (1979) FOIA/PA-2018-0038
Copies of 27 listed initial requests, and appeals FOIA/PA-2018-0037
Copy of the agency's FOIA log for the past 12 months FOIA/PA-2018-0036
Appeal the large amount of redactions made to the requested record in response to FOIA 2017-0395 FOIA/PA-2018-0012A
Appeal the search performed and withholding of the cell number in response to FOIA 2018-0011 FOIA/PA-2018-0011A
Appeal the redactions made to the #2 response of FOIA 2016-0738 FOIA/PA-2018-0010A
Appeal the search and withholding of requested record in response to FOIA 2018-0014 FOIA/PA-2018-0009A
Appeal the zero outcome of the requested search in response to FOIA 2017-0498 FOIA/PA-2018-0008A
Appeal the denial of information for redactions made in response to FOIA/PA-2017-0677 FOIA/PA-2018-0007A
Appeal of the redactions that were used in response to FOIA/PA-2016-0738 FOIA/PA-2018-0006A

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