Recent FOIA Requests – May 2012

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during May 2012. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

OI report and transcript for OI-4-2011-059 FOIA/PA-2012-0238
Log of all FOIA requests submitted concerning named Senator and Governor FOIA/PA-2012-0237
Copies of letters between former NRC Chairman Klein, Chairman Jaczko and Gov. Daniels and McDonnell FOIA/PA-2012-0236
Fort Calhoun, all communications June 1, 2011 through May 18, 2012 relating to Flood Damage Impacts Identified underground systems, structures and components, and recovery plan FOIA/PA-2012-0235
Document marked LA-356 regarding Trinity Nuclear Test conducted in 1945 FOIA/PA-2012-0234
Correspondence from or on behalf of Senator George Allen and named entities FOIA/PA-2012-0233
All copies of Radioactive Waste Materials Spent Fuel/Underground Storage Tanks of Petroleum in mentioned area of Florida FOIA/PA-2012-0232
All drafts and revisions of Sandia letter report, Analysis of Emergency Spray Mitigation of Spent Fuel Pool Loss-of-Coolant Inventory Accidents FOIA/PA-2012-0231
Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and 2, any and all documents pertaining to asbestos-containing equipment, machinery, products, and materials installed 1967-1974 FOIA/PA-2012-0230
Closing memo, final report, report of investigation for each closed investigation mentioned in June 24, 2011 letter to Senators Grassley and Coburn FOIA/PA-2012-0229
Closing memo, final report, report of investigation for each closed investigation mentioned in November 10, 2011 letter to Senators Grassley and Coburn FOIA/PA-2012-0228
Closing memo, final report, report of investigation for each closed investigation mentioned in January 11, 2011 letter to Senators Grassley and Coburn FOIA/PA-2012-0227
Closing memo, final report, report of investigation for each of the closed investigations mentioned in June 15, 2010 letter to Senator Grassley and Coburn FOIA/PA-2012-0226
Records related to named individual early grade promotion, position description review, and desk audit from 1/27/11 – 5/16/12 FOIA/PA-2012-0225
Copy of the CD and digital photos sent by the NRC team in Tokyo to the NRC Operations Center as referenced in ML12128A335 FOIA/PA-2012-0224
Any and all information radioactive materials, environmental inspections, audits, permits, plans, enforcement releases, investigations, clean-ups at WestClox, Peru IL FOIA/PA-2012-0223
Numerical changes in covered titles between the issuance of the JFS and the required 12 month OPM implementation accomplishment date, May 31, 2012 FOIA/PA-2012-0222
Any and all records on releases of Uranium UF-6-Fluoride at Metropolis, IL (Allied Chemical) 1959-1962 FOIA/PA-2012-0221
Correspondence with Southern California Edison regarding Steam Generator replacement at San Onofre 2003-2012 FOIA/PA-2012-0220
Fukushima Daiichi lesson plans, power point presentations, timelines, etc..for R104, R304, R504 training courses and for the 3hr training session conducted by TTC instructor for OIG week of 4/23/12 FOIA/PA-2012-0219
Copy of Predictions of Spent Fuel Heatup After a Complete loss of Spent Fuel Pool Coolant FOIA/PA-2012-0218
Correspondence logs pertaining to Senator Rob Portman and his staff 1/13/11-5/4/12 FOIA/PA-2012-0217
Correspondence logs pertaining to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels office from 1/10/05-5/4/12 and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell office from 1/16/10-5/4/12 FOIA/PA-2012-0216
Any and all documents pertaining to incidents/accidents at Fort Calhoun Power Reactor 8/9/73-5/2/12 FOIA/PA-2012-0215
Records pertaining to Constellation Energy Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant regarding issue and suspension of plant unescorted access, including medical related documents and pre-access investigation documents on named individual 5/2008-8/2011 FOIA/PA-2012-0214
Any and all information on cannabinoids, use of cannabinoids toward economic gain, and agency policy related to public inquiry FOIA/PA-2012-0213
Complete listing of all permit recipients, contractors, sub-contractors working for the construction and operation of Plant Vogtle Reactors III and IV FOIA/PA-2012-0212
Any and all documents pertaining to the list of fire protection non-compliances, the compensatory measures at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station FOIA/PA-2012-0211
All documents that fall within listed document categories pertaining to Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Erwin, TN FOIA/PA-2012-0210
PT Night Sights Las Vegas, NV, radioactive Materials License, materials permitted on-site and dates license was active FOIA/PA-2012-0209