Transient Analysis of the Research Reactor MARIA MC Fuel Elements Using RELAP5 Mod 3.3

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Publication Information

Manuscript Completed: November 2012
Date Published: March 2013

Prepared by:
M. Dabrowski, P. Domitr, E. Staron

Panstwowa Agencja Atomistyki
(National Atomic Energy Agency)
Krucza 36
00-522 Warszawa, POLAND

A. Calvo, NRC Project Manager

Prepared as part of:
The Agreement on Research Participation and Technical Exchange
Under the Thermal-Hydraulic Code Applications and Maintenance Program (CAMP)

Published by:
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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The new fuel type in the Research Reactor ‘Maria’ is undergoing a test procedure. Thermalhydraulic calculations using RELAP have been applied in order to cross-check the results obtained using a specialized thermal-hydraulic ‘SN’ code. Nodalization of the fuel element has been developed and calculations have been performed. LOFA and RIA cases have been analysed and compared showing good agreement between the two codes.

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