Memoranda of Understanding - 2004

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Date Title Author Affiliation
12/22/2004 12/22/04 Letter to E. Bailey ( CA Dept of Health Services) from G. Janosko - Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Environmental Protection Agency Memorandum of Understanding with Respect to General Atomics. NRC/NMSS/FCSS/FCFB
09/08/2004 Response to Letter Requesting that EPA and NRC Amend Their Current Memorandum of Understanding. NRC/NMSS/DWMEP/EPAD
07/30/2004 Letter From Diane Henshel Requesting EPA and NRC Amend Their Memorandum of Understanding With Regard to Uranium at the Jefferson Proving Ground Site. Indiana Univ
07/30/2004 Xcel Energy/USFWS Avian Protection Memorandum of Understanding, Semi-Annual Report: Covering January 1, 2005 through June 30, 2004 Reporting Period. Xcel Energy
06/30/2004 Notification and Memorandum of Agreement setting forth the respective security understandings and obligations of all entities participating in the LSN. NRC/ASLBP, US Dept of Energy (DOE)
05/27/2004 Attachment 3: Docket No. 70-925, License No. SNM-928, Notification of EPA in Accordance with memorandum of understanding. Cimarron Corp
04/15/2004 STP-04-026, NRC Implementation of EPA-NRC Memorandum of Understanding. NRC/STP
03/12/2004 Preliminary Comments on Draft Memorandum of Understanding (Draft MOU) Between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) on In Situ Uranium Mining. State of WY, Dept of Environmental Quality
01/28/2004 Xcel Energy/USFWS Avian Protection Memorandum of Understanding, Semi-Annual Report #4: Covering August 3, 2003 through December 31, 2003 Reporting Period. Xcel Energy
01/21/2004 2004/01/21-LES Hearing - Applicant Exhibit 23, John L. Shaw and James Brown re National Enrichment Facility (NEF) Memorandum of Understanding City of Eunice, NM, Lockwood Greene Engineering & Construction
01/21/2004 2004/01/21-Applicant Pre-Filed Exhibit 023, Letter from J. Shaw, Lockwood Green/Louisiana Energy Services, L.P., to Honorable James Brown, Mayor of Eunice, New Mexico, "Subject: National Enrichment Facility (NEF) Memorandum of Understanding"... Lockwood Greene Engineering & Construction