Technical Guidance

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Area Chapter Title Description CN Number
TG Technical Guidance
TG ASME3&11 ASME SECTIONS III & XI Guidance on the ASME Sections III and XI, as it relates to Code interpretations, use of engineering judgement, and flaw evaluation. 96-022
TG ASMEIII ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III Guidance on procurement of ASME Section III replacements that are not currently available in full compliance with the stamping and documentation requirements of Section III of the Code. 89-011
TG ASMEXIA ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI Guidance for the performance of system pressure tests (leakage and hydrostatic) using nuclear heating and to provide a definition of plant startup with regard to pressure testing. 86-054
TG ASMEXIB ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI Guidance on testing normally closed check valves specified in paragraph IWV-3520 of the ASME Code Section XI, 1983Edition. 86-026
TG FPLUGS Mechanical - Freeze Plugs Guidance on the use and inspection of freeze plugs. Describes problems encountered when using freeze plugs during system maintenance. 93-005
TG ICECOND Ice Condenser System Inspections Guidance for inspecting the Ice Condenser (IC) system. 05-015
TG LCOPM Maintenance - Voluntary Entry Into Limiting Conditions for Operation Action Statements to Perform Preventive Maintenance Guidance for use of LCOs and the Maintenance Rule (10 CFR 50.65) when performing online preventive maintenance. 02-001
TG LEAKSEAL Assessing On-Line Leak Sealing of ASME Code Class 1 & 2 Provide information to inspectors regarding use of leak-sealing activities for liquid-filled systems. 97-011
TG NOEDGAS Operations - Notice of Enforcement Discretion For Gaseous Diffusion Plants Staff guidance for the process to exercise enforcement discretion with regard to limiting conditions for operation (LCO) in gaseous diffusion plant Technical SafetyRequirements or other certificate conditions. 99-008
TG ORGCOAT Filled Organic Coatings Used In Maintenance of Safety Related Equipment Provide information to inspectors regarding use of filled organic coatings in the maintenance of fluid systems. 94-018
TG PRECOND Preconditioning of Structures, Systems and Components before Determining Operabilty. Guidance on evaluating the acceptability of preconditioning of Structures, Systems and Components (SSCs) before the performance of operability, surveillance, or conformance testing. 98-014
TG SAFETY Operation - Safety and Compliance A Commission approved discussion of safety and compliance. 07-028
TG SGTUBE Steam Generator Plugs and Sleeving Repairs Provide inspection guidance to review licensee activities on plugging or sleeving repairs of defective steam generator tubing. 94-014
TG SGTUBELK Steam Generator Tube Primary-To-Secondary Leakage Guidance to inspectors on overseeing PWRs with known steam generator tube primary-to-secondary leakage. 01-021
TG STSINTR Licensee Technical Specifications Interpretations Licensee-issued TS interpretations are not approved NRR staff positions. 97-001
TG STSSURV STS Surveillance Sections - Locked or Otherwise Secured Components Provides inspection criteria for what constitutes a "locked close" valve. 77-025
TG STS10 STS Section 1.0 - Operability Principal criteria for proper application of the STS definition of operable/operability as applied to systems and components which provide necessary support functions. 86-026
TG STS10D STS Section 1.0 - Definitions Defines the scope of testing necessary to meet the STS definitions of a CFT. 86-054
TG STS30T STS Section 3.0 - Acceptable Measurement Tolerances for Technical Specification Limits TS limits are established with allowances for measurement tolerances already incorporated. 78-035
TG STS3464 STS Section 3/4.6.4 - Containment and Drywell Isolation Valves Isolation valves cannot be deemed operable solely because they are closed. 88-006
TG STS3481 STS Section 3/4.8.1 - TDI Diesel Generator Air Roll Tests Explains TDI surveillance testing requirements when action statements apply. 88-006
TG STS375 STS Section 3.7.5 - Ultimate Heat Sink Average water temperature of the ultimate heat sink TS refers to volumetric, not time averaged temperature 88-017
TG STS428 STS Section 4.2.8.X.X - Surveillance Requirements - 125-Volt Battery Bank Surveillance test criteria for procedures that apply to all wet storage batteries 79-022
TG STS451 STS Section 4.5.1 - Standard Technical Specifications (BWR) Licensees should may use remote position indicating lights in the control room to verify that valves are in the correct position but it is not the intent of SRs that only local valve position indication be used. 86-026
TG STS48112 STS Section - Surveillance Testing of D/G Lockout Features Provides the NRC position on surveillance testing of diesel generator lockout features. 86-026
TG TG9900 Technical Guidance Technical Guidance 05/12/86 86-026

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