Change Notice 99-008

Issue Date: 05/03/1999


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 40500 03/11/99 IP 40500 05/03/99
2. IP 87120 09/02/97 IP 87120 05/03/99
3. IP 87120, App A 09/02/97 IP 87120, App A 05/03/99
4. ---- ---- IP 87120, App B 05/03/99
5. 9900 Tech Guidance
NOED Gaseous Diffusion
06/03/97 9900 Tech Guidance
NOED Gaseous Diffusion
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IP 40500 (Effectiveness of Licensee Process to Identify, Resolve, and Prevent Problems) has been revised to respond to a Commission SRM. On July 21, 1998, the staff presented the Commission with five options for assessing a licensee's safety conscious work environment. The option endorsed by the Commission was to assess the licensee's work environment on a case by case basis with the addition of developing and implementing additional guidance and training to inspectors in support of more complete and consisted program implementation by the staff. Suggested input was requested from the regions. The revised IP 40500 is the culmination of the effort.
  IP 87120 (Industrial Radiography Programs)
  IP 87120, Appendix A (Industrial Radiography Inspection Record)
  IP 87120, Appendix B (Industrial Radiography Inspection References)
  The above procedure and appendices have been revised to reflect a performance based inspection approach. The revision changes the format, eliminates the field notes, adds an inspection record section, and adds a reference section.
  9900 Technical Guidance (Operations - Notice of Enforcement Discretion For Gaseous Diffusion Plants) is revised to implement changes required by Staff Requirements Memo SECY-98-243. The revision gives a clear description of the types of NOED requests which can be issued by the regions and NMSS, requires coordination between NMSS and the regions on issuance of all NOEDs, and the revision changes the criteria and process for the certificate holder to request and receive NOEDs to be more like the recently revised NRR process, including the use of Emergency Operations Center for telephone calls and the opening of an URI for tracking purposes. A checklist similar to the NRR checklist was also added.


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