Change Notice 98-014

Issue Date: 09/28/1998


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515 06/22/98 IMC 2515 09/28/98
2. IP 92720 12/29/92 IP 92720 09/28/98
3. ---- ---- 9900 Tech Guidance Preconditioning 09/28/98
4. ---- ---- TI 2800/028 09/28/98
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase) is revised to reflect the deletion of IMC 2500, "Reactor Inspection Program." Those parts of IMC 2500 that were still applicable to the reactor operations inspection program were transferred to IMC 2515.
IP 92720 (Corrective Action) is revised to incorporate lessons learned from the maintenance rule baseline inspections, and to add guidance to verify the adequacy of corrective action programs which implement maintenance rule requirements.
9900 Technical Guidance - Maintenance (Preconditioning of Structures, Systems, and Components (SSCs) Before Determining Operability) is issued to provide guidance on evaluating the acceptability of preconditioning of structures, systems and components (SSCs) before the performance of operability, surveillance, or conformance testing.
TI 2800/028 (Inspections of Strontium-90 Ophthalmic Applicators) is issued to address health and safety concerns related to ongoing problems with multiple patient misadministrations due to improperly calibrated Sr-90 Ophthalmic Applicators.


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