RIS 00-010: Technical Information to Facilitate Public Access to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS)

June 30, 2000


All NRC licensees.

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is issuing this regulatory issue summary (RIS) to provide individuals and organizations outside of NRC with information that will assist them in accessing via the Internet the publicly available portion of NRC's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS). This RIS provides detailed technical (computing) information for use by network or system administrators in resolving certain types of problems; directions for locating updated materials on the Internet, as they become available; and directions for contacting NRC staff who will provide support on this endeavor.

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Background Information

On November 1, 1999, NRC initiated ADAMS as NRC's method of providing public access to newly created and received publicly available agency documents. Publicly available documents may be viewed by organizations and individuals outside of NRC by way of an ADAMS facility available to users through the Internet.

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Summary of Issue

This RIS provides information to Internet users outside NRC who require assistance with the ADAMS publicly available document collection. As with any new technology, some users may encounter difficulties when attempting to access this collection for the first time. To facilitate such access, NRC is providing several avenues for users to obtain information and assistance related to this system. Because NRC's experience indicates that reported difficulties can cover a broad range of complexity and may come from users with widely differing computing skills, a range of support options is provided. As described below, NRC provides three methods for obtaining information and support for using this system.

First, ADAMS access information is now available on NRC's public Web site. From time to time, additional or updated information may be posted. We encourage users experiencing problems or having questions about ADAMS to check these pages as they may contain the needed information. ADAMS access information is available on the Internet at the following address:

       [ NOTE: This incorrect web address has been changed in RI 2000-10 errata. ]

Second, users may contact NRC's Public Document Room (PDR). Personnel familiar with ADAMS are available by telephone or e-mail to provide support in using ADAMS, and in formulating search strategies, and to answer any other questions users may have. Solutions to frequently encountered problems will be offered, and the PDR staff has access to NRC's technical staff if more specialized support is required. Every effort will be made by these support personnel to provide a prompt and thorough resolution of any problem. The PDR staff will be available for telephone support Mondays through Fridays, except Federal holidays, from 8:15 a.m. through 4:15 p.m. eastern time; at other times, callers may leave a recorded message. The PDR may be reached at the following phone numbers and e-mail address:

NRC Public Document Room
Telephone: 202-634-3273 or 800-397-4209
E-mail: pdr.resource@nrc.gov

Finally, some users have reported difficulties when accessing ADAMS from within a network outside of NRC that is equipped with firewall technology. Because of the frequency of this problem, NRC is providing the attached information (Attachment 1 and 2 ) to facilitate resolution. This information is intended for use by the individuals who are responsible for maintaining firewall support and configuration. It provides technical (computing) details that NRC believes will be of assistance in resolving any such access difficulties. Further assistance in response to questions related to this information may be obtained by contacting the PDR at the phone numbers or e-mail address previously noted.

Addressees should be aware that changes to their firewall or other computing configuration may create opportunities for unauthorized access by unauthorized third parties ("hackers") or may have other unwanted effects. Although this information is provided in good faith as a general guide, any or all of it may be inapplicable to a particular installation, and the user assumes all risk arising from any actions he or she may take in response to the information provided. NRC cannot be responsible for any damages or other negative impacts that may result.

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Federal Register Notification

A notice of opportunity for public comment on this RIS was not published in the Federal Register because this RIS is informational only.

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David B. Matthews, Director
Division of Regulatory Improvement Programs
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

Technical contact: NRC Public Document Room
202-634-3273 or 800-397-4209
E-mail: pdr.resource@nrc.gov
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(ADAMS Accession Number 9802180052)

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