Information Notice No. 90-75: Denial of Access to Current Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities

                                UNITED STATES
                           WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555

                              December 5, 1990

Information Notice No. 90-75:  DENIAL OF ACCESS TO CURRENT LOW-LEVEL 
                                   RADIOACTIVE WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITIES


All Michigan holders of NRC licenses


This information notice provides notification to all Michigan low-level 
radioactive waste generators that beginning November 10, 1990, access to the 
existing low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities has been denied.

Description of Circumstances:

Washington, Nevada, and South Carolina, by identical letters, have provided 
Michigan Governor James J. Blanchard official notification that commencing 
November 10, 1990, low-level radioactive waste generated in the State of 
Michigan will no longer be accepted for disposal at the Washington, Nevada, 
and South Carolina disposal facilities.  In their letters, the sited states 
indicated that this action was being taken in fulfillment of their duties 
under Section 5(e)(1) of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments 
Act of 1985 for reasons provided in previous correspondence with Michigan.


Implementation of this restriction could have ramifications for the 
generators of low-level waste in Michigan.  Possible problems may include 
exceeding authorized possession limits due to an accumulation of waste and 
inadequate waste storage facilities.  The following guidance to waste 
generators on how to manage the accumulation of waste in the event of denial 
of access to waste disposal facilities has been made available by the NRC 

1.   Information Notice No. 90-09: Extended Interim Storage of Low-Level 
                                   Radioactive Waste by Fuel Cycle and 
                                   Materials Licensees.

2.   Information Notice No. 89-13: Alternative Waste Management Procedures 
                                   in Case of Denial of Access to Low-Level 
                                   Waste Disposal Sites.*

* This Information Notice specifically addresses this concern and outlines 
actions such as making license amendments to increase possession limits, 
using volume reduction techniques and the use of alternative management and 
disposal techniques.


                                                       IN 90-75
                                                       December 5, 1990
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3.   Generic Letter 85-14:         Commercial Storage at Power Reactors of 
                                   Low-Level Radioactive Waste Not Generated 
                                   by the Utility.

4.   Generic Letter 81-38:         Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste at 
                                   Power Reactors.

NRC is prepared to address questions that the low-level waste generators may 
have on the licensing consequences of disposal site access denial.  
Questions should be directed to:

     Nuclear Materials Safety Branch, Region III, (708) 790-5625

Policy questions should be addressed to:

     Paul H. Lohaus, Operations Branch, Division of Low-Level Waste 
     Management and Decommissioning, (301) 492-0553

                              Richard L. Bangart, Director
                              Division of Low-Level Waste Management
                                and Decommissioning
                              Office of Nuclear Material Safety
                                and Safeguards

Technical Contact: Robert Hogg
                   (301) 492-0579

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