Information Notice No. 86-66: Potential for Failure of Replacement AC Coils Supplied by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation for use in Class 1E Motor Starters and Contactors

                                                            SSINS No.: 6835 
                                                            IN 86-66       

                                UNITED STATES
                           WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555

                               August 15, 1986

                                   COILS SUPPLIED BY THE WESTINGHOUSE 
                                   ELECTRIC CORPORATION FOR USE IN CLASS 1E 
                                   MOTOR STARTERS AND CONTACTORS 


All nuclear power reactor facilities holding an operating license or a 
construction permit. 


This notice is to alert licensees that certain Westinghouse Electric 
Corporation ac coils have shown a higher failure rate than previously 
experienced. These coils are similar to Class IE coils manufactured and 
supplied by Westinghouse as replacement parts for use in Class 1E motor 
starters and contactors. 

It is expected that the licensees will review this information for 
applicability to their facilities and consider actions, if appropriate, to 
preclude the use of the defective coils. However, suggestions contained in 
this information notice do not constitute NRC requirements; therefore, no 
specific action or written notice is required. 

Description of Circumstances: 

On June 19, 1986 Westinghouse Water Reactor Division (WRD) submitted a 10 
CFR Part 21 report to the NRC indicating a higher-than-normal failure rate 
for ac coils. The report stated that most of the failures had been 
encountered during the initial hours of energization. These coils were 
manufactured at the Westinghouse Control Division (WCD) facility in Coamo, 
Puerto Rico, between June 1, 1984 and December 31, 1985 and are provided as 
replacement parts for use in motor starters and contactors. 


During early June 1986, Westinghouse concluded that the Class 1E coils used 
in certain motor starters and contactors in nuclear plants could be subject 
to failure. This conclusion was based on information from various 
non-nuclear customers about failures of similar coils. However, it should be 
noted that up to this time no nuclear power plant Class 1E coil failures had 
been reported to WRD. 


                                                            IN 86-66 
                                                            August 15, 1986 
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Discussions between Westinghouse divisions have determined that the 
non-Class 1E coils manufactured between June 1, 1984 and December 31, 1985 
experienced a significant increase in failure rate compared to prior 
history. These reported coil failures occurred primarily less than 1 hour to 
several hours after the coils had been continuously energized. To correct 
the problem, WCD made a number of manufacturing changes that included 
revised materials and processes. Westinghouse tests performed on newly 
manufactured coils have indicated that the modified coils are not subject to 
the same failures as those coils manufactured during June 1, 1984 through 
December 31, 1985. Westinghouse states, "Any coil manufactured since the 
beginning of 1986 is free of the potential for such failures." WRD has 
determined that any coil which has been successfully energized continuously 
(not cumulative) for 5 days or more is expected to perform satisfactorily 
and need not be replaced. Attached is a list of the plants with potentially 
defective coils that have been notified by WRD, followed by the, WRD list of 
date codes of potentially defective coils. 

For facilities not on the list and using or stocking any WCD coils with one 
of the listed date codes, it is suggested that the Westinghouse Water 
Reactor Division be contacted for information on the need for corrective 

No specific action or written response is required by this information 
notice. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact the 
Regional Administrator of the appropriate NRC regional office or this 

                                   Edward L. Jordan Director 
                                   Division of Emergency Preparedness 
                                     and Engineering Response 
                                   Office of Inspection and Enforcement 

Technical Contact:  L. B. Parker, IE
                    (301) 492-7190

1.   List of Facilities and Date Codes
2.   List of Recently Issued IE Information Notices 

                                                            Attachment 1   
                                                            IN 86-66       
                                                            August 15, 1986 
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                              1. Maine Yankee
                              2. Oconee
                              3. Prairie Island
                              4. San Onofre
                              5. Three Mile Island
                              6. Turkey Point
                              7. Vermont Yankee


             WEEK OF 
        MANUFACTURE NUMBERS        1984 DATE CODES          1985 DATE CODES

                01                                          CRSEC
                02                                          CRWEC 
                03                                          CRIEC
                04                                          CRTEC
                05                                          CRCEC
                06                                          CRHEC
                07                                          CRGEC
                08                                          CREEC
                09                                          CRAEC
                10                                          CSREC
                11                                          CSSEC
                12                                          CSWEC
Approx 3-31     13                                          CSIEC
                14                                          CSTEC
                15                                          CSCEC 
                16                                          CSHEC 
                17                                          CSGEC 
                18                                          CSEEC 
                19                                          CSAEC 
                20                                          CWREC
Approx 6-1      21                 CWSET                    CWSEC 
                22                 CWWET                    CWWEC 
                23                 CWIET                    CWIEC 
                24                 CWTET                    CWTEC 
                25                 CWCET                    CWCEC 
Approx 7-1      26                 CWHET                    CWHEC 
                27                 CWGET                    CWGEC 
                28                 CWEET                    CWEEC 
                29                 CWAET                    CWAEC 
                30                 CIRET                    CIREC 
                31                 CISET                    CISEC 
                32                 CIWET                    CIWEC 
                33                 CIIET                    CIIEC

                                                            Attachment 1   
                                                            IN 86-66       
                                                            August 15, 1986 
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             WEEK OF 
        MANUFACTURE NUMBERS        1984 DATE CODES          1985 DATE CODES 

                34                 CITET                    CITEC 
                35                 CICET                    CICEC 
                36                 CIHET                    CIHEC
                37                 CIGET                    CIGEC 
                38                 CIEET                    CIEEC 
Approx 9-30     39                 CIAET                    CIAEC 
                40                 CTRET                    CTREC 
                41                 CTSET                    CTSEC 
                42                 CTWET                    CIWEC 
                43                 CTIET                    CTIEC 
                44                 CTTET                    CTTEC 
                45                 CTCET                    CTCEC 
                46                 CTHET                    CTHEC 
                47                 CTGET                    CTGEC 
                48                 CTEET                    CTEEC 
                49                 CTAET                    CTAEC 
                50                 CCRET                    CCREC 
                51                 CCSET                    CCSEC 
Approx 12-31    52                 CCWET                    CCWEC 

NOTE: Any coil with one of these date codes should be treated as potentially
defective and appropriate action taken. 

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