Operator Licensing Examination Site Visit (Generic Letter No. 83-01)

                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D. C.  20555 

                              January 11, 1983


Subject:  Operator Licensing Examination Site Visit (Generic Letter No. 

The NRC currently is developing data which will form the basis for our 
operator license application review scheduling, manpower and resource 
allocation planning, and budget preparation through 1985. In order to do 
this, we are seeking your help in the form of certain information which this
letter defines. 

Please identify all requests for site visits to conduct operator licensing 
examinations or instructor certification examinations which you plan to 
submit to us between now and December 31, 1985 which should fall into one of
the following categories: 

(1)  Initial (cold) license examinations for units applying for operating 

(2)  Initial license examinations to extend licenses to a second, identical 
     unit after initial licensing. 

(3)  Examinations to support certification of utility employees as 

(4)  Examinations to support certification of individuals who are not 
     utility employees but who are under contract to instruct licensed 

(5)  Examinations for initial licensing of personnel at operating facilities
     or for upgrading a license from the Reactor Operator to the Senior 
     Operator level. 

We appreciate that your plans regarding all the requested information might 
not be firm at this time, but would like the best estimates you can give, 
including probable number of candidates. If a submittal date, or an 
application itself, or both are tentative, indicate that and we will treat 
the data appropriately. 

Multiple Addressess                 - 2 - 

In order for the requested data to be available in time to support budget 
cycle activities, we ask that you please respond to this letter on or before
February 28, 1983, even if your response is a negative one. Should you have 
any questions concerning this letter or your response, please call Mr. Don 
Beckham, Division of Human Factors Safety, on (301) 492-4868. 

While we make this forecast at the beginning of each year, it is important 
to keep us informed of any significant changes so that we can keep our data 
base current. We appreciate your assistance. 

This request was approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under
clearance OMB-3150-0018 which expires January 13, 1984. 


                                   Darrell G. Eisenhut, Director  
                                   Division of Licensing 
                                   Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 


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