Supplement 1 to NUREG-0737-requirements for Emergency Response Capability (Generic Letter No. 82-33)

                                UNITED STATES
                           WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555

                             December 17, 1982 




On October 31, 1980, the NRC staff issued NUREG-0737, which incorporated 
into one document all TMI-related items approved for implementation by the 
Commission at that time. The purposed of this letter is to provide 
additional clarification regarding Safety Parameter Display Systems, 
Detailed Control Room Design Reviews, Regulatory Guide 1.97 (Revision 2) - 
Application to Emergency Response Facilities, Upgrade of emergency Operating 
Procedures, Emergency Response Facilities, and Meteorological Data. 

The enclosures to this letter are a distillation if the basic requirements 
for these topics from the board range of guidance documents that the NRC has
issued (principally NUREG reports and Regulatory Guides). It is our intent 
that the guidance documents themselves, referred to in the enclosures, are 
not to be used as requirements, but rather that they are to be used as 
sources of guidance for NRC reviewers and licensees regarding acceptable 
means fir meeting the basic requirements. 

The following items in NUREG-0737 are affected: 

I.C.1          Guidance for the Evaluation and Development of Procedures for
               Transients and Accidents 

I.D.1          Control Room Design Reviews 

I.D.2          Plant Safety Parameter Display Console 

III.A.1.2      Upgrade Emergency Support Facilities. 

III.A.2.2      Meteorological Data 

The requirements and guidance contained in the enclosure to this letter 
replace the corresponding requirements n the affected NURGE-0737 items and 
should be used by you in meeting the goals of these action plan items. You 
should also note that the staffing levels in table 2 to the enclosure are 
only goals, and are not strict requirements. 



You will note that the enclosure does not specify a schedule for completing 
the requirements. It has become apparent, through discussions with owners' 
quately consider the integration of these related activities. In recognition
of this and the difficulty in implementing generic deadlines, the Commission
has adopted a plan to establish realistic plant-specific schedules that take
into account the unique aspects of the work at each plant. By this plan, 
each licensee is to develop and submit its own plant-specific schedule which 
will be reviewed  by the assigned NRC Project Manager. The NRC Project 
Manager and licensee will reach an agrement on the final schedule and in 
this manner provide for prompt implementation of these important 
improvements while optimizing the use of utility and NRC resources. 

Applicants for construction permits are expects to comply with the 
requirements of 10 CFR 50.34(f), and should consider this document to be 
additional guidance in meeting these requirements. For holders of 
construction permits and applicants for operating reactors, plant-specific 
schedules for the implementation of these requirements will be developed in 
a manner similar to that being used for operating reactors, taking into 
consideration the degree of completion of the power plant. 

In order to answer questions you may have regarding the Commission's policy 
on these issues and the implementation process to be used by project 
managers, regional workshop will be conducted by senior staff members 
according to the following schedule: 

     Region I            Washington, D.C.    - Week of 2/14/83
     Region II           Atlanta Ga.         - Week of 2/21/83
     Region III          Chicago,Ill         - Week of 2/21/83
     Region IV & V       San Francisco, CA   - Week of 2/28/83

You will be notified of specific locations and times for the workshops at a 
later time. 

Accordingly, pursuant to 50.54(f), operating reactor licensees and holders 
of construction permits are requested to furnish, no later than April 15, 
1983 a proposed schedule for completing each of the basic requirements for 
the items identified in the enclosures to this letter,. You are encouraged 
to work closely with your NRC Project Manger during this process so that we 
can reach an agreement on the final schedule as quickly as possible. In 
addition, you are requested to submit with it a description of your plans 
for phased implementation and integration of the emergency response 
activities. Your plans for integration will be reviewed as part of our 
evaluation, it will take action, as necessary, to assure that such 
requirements and commitments ar appropriately enforceable. 


This request for information was approved by the Management and Budget under
clearance number 3150-0065 which expires May 31,1983. Comments on burden and
duplication may be directed to the Office of Management and Budget, Reports 
Management Room 308, New Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20503. 


                              Darrell G. Eisenhut, Director 
                              Division of Licensing 
                              Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 

Supplement to NUREG-0737

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