United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

New Applications Survey (Generic Letter No. 82-01)

                                UNITED STATES
                           WASHINGTON, D. C. 20555

                              January 12, 1982


Subject: New Applications Survey (Generic Letter No. 82-1) 

The NRC currently is developing data which will form the basis for our 
license application review scheduling, manpower and resource allocation 
planning, and budget preparation through 1984. As we have done in past 
years, we again are seeking your help in the form of certain information 
which this letter defines. 

Please identify all applications and requests for review which. you plan to 
submit to us between now and December 31, 1984, which should fall in one of 
the following categories: 

(1)  reactor facility operating license applications - Note that submittal 
     of operating license applications should be targeted for between 30-36 
     months in advance of the most realistic expected construction 
     completion date. Please indicate the construction completion date on 
     which your submittal date is based, 

(2)  applications for Preliminary Duplicate Design Approval (PDDA) under the
     duplicate plant standardization option, 

(3)  applications for Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations, as 
     covered by 10 CFR Part 72, 

(4)  limited early site review applications, 

(5)  full early site review applications, 

(6)  other special project reviews including considerations for reactor 
     facility construction permit applications and nuclear steam supply 
     system and balance-of-plant standard reference design applications for:
     (a) Preliminary Design Approval (PDA); (b) Final Design Approval; 
     (FDA); and (c) PDA Extension. 

For the above categories, we need the facility or project name, submittal 
date and type of review action requested for each item. Where applicable, we
also would like to know the present stage of your planning; that is, are you
making preliminary planning studies, have you requested proposals, have you 
let contracts? 


Multiple Addressee                 - 2 -                    January 12, 1982

Since antitrust information must be submitted within a minimum of 12 months 
in advance of a construction permit application, please indicate, where 
appropriate, your planned submittal date for antitrust information on 
specific projects. 

For those plants under construction permit review or under construction, 
which are not covered by item (1) above, please give us your most realistic 
current estimate of the construction completion date. 

We appreciate that your plans regarding all the requested information might 
not be firm at this time. We would like the best estimates you can give. If 
a submittal date, or an application itself, or both are tentative, indicate 
that and we will treat the data appropriately. 

In order for the requested data to be available in time to support budget 
cycle activities, we ask that you please respond to this letter on or before
January 30, 1982, even if your response is a negative one. Should you have 
any questions concerning this letter or your response, please call Mr. 
Robert L. Tedesco, Division of Licensing, on 492-7425, area code 301. 

We make this forecast only once each year. Therefore, keep us informed of 
any significant changes so that we can keep our data base current. We 
appreciate your assistance. 

This request was approved by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under 
clearance OMB-3150-0072 which expires 08/31/83. 

                              Robert L. Tedesco, Assistant Director
                                 for Licensing
                              Division of Licensing

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